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About Dalando's Dharma Deli

Dalando is Robert L. Seltman's "Wild Goose" name. Given by the delightful crazy wisdom teacher Michael Barnett, the name represents the "home within" or as Michael put it "the ultimate home."

Dharma, the teaching and laws of life, is an Asian philosophical term that suggests that there is in fact 'wisdom' at the core of life. As a young man, I was often fond of asking "Is wisdom just a myth?" Now that I am a parent and teacher I am asked to be a provider of this mythical wisdom throughout the day. Yet the verdict is still out. Is wisdom a myth, are their truths to live by?

Deli is a shop of delights, for a New Yorker a place to find both nourishment and pleasure.

Dalando's Dharma Deli is a collection of resources in the realm of the spiritual, practical, and philosophical. A virtual stop to come and get a morsal to munch on, a cup of well brewed thoughts to sip slowly, or that proverbial pickle to ponder, as we dash off to our next great adventure.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Dharma Deli on every corner?

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Robert L. Seltman

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English books
by Michael Barnett

  • People Not Psychiatry (1973 This book is out of print)
  • Energy and Transformation (1981)
  • The You Book (1981 This book is out of print)
  • Budding Your Buddha (1982)
  • As It Is Is It (1982)
  • Nobody Knows My Name (1985)
  • Hints on the Art of Jumping (1986 This book is out of print)
  • The Soma Road (1986)
  • The Greatest Teaching There Is (1987)
  • Song of the Wild Goose (1987)
  • At Heaven's Gate (1988)
  • This Other Cup of Purple (1988)
  • In the Quinx (1988)
  • Modern Times (1989)
  • The Arrow of Man (1991)
  • Waking Up! (1991)
  • Diamond Yoga Handbook (1992)
  • Zero Days (1992)
  • Walking through Ashes (1993)
  • Be Free(1995)
  • Divine Sex (1995)
  • And Buddha Laughed (1996)
  • Living Zero (1996)
  • One (1997)
  • This Marvellous Ego! (1999)

    English books about
    Michael Barnett
    Time is an Illusion - life stories of Michael Barnett, Hitsu/Diane Broeckhoven (2000)

    Books in other languages

    Italian Titles
    Persone, non Psichiatria (People Not Psychiatry)(1980)
    Soma - La Via Bellissima (The Soma Road)(1988)
    Entrando in una favola vera(1988)
    Nel Quinx (1991)
    Uno (One)(1997)
    Danish Titles
    Mod Havet (1987)
    Diamond Yoga Handbog (Diamond Yoga Handbook)(1993)
    Dutch Titles
    Dansen naar transformatie - Een visie op energie (1989)
    De Weg van de Wilde Gans (1999)
    Croatian Titles
    Srce Univerzuma (Das Herz des Universums)(1993)
    Guska je vani! (The Goose is Out!)(1996)
    Dijamantna Yoga Prirucnik (Diamond Yoga Handbook)(1999)
    (Divine Sex)(1997)
    (Hints on the Art of Jumping)(1997)