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An Overview

The reproduction system uses the process of producing a new generation to continue the existence of the species by the fusion of two cells from different individuals; this is achieved in humans by the fusion of one sperm and one ovum (egg). This fusion is called "fertilization" and is achieved by sexual intercourse between a male and female or by artificial insemination. The male body is designed to allow the manufacture, storage and transfer of male sex cells (or sperm). The female body is designed to manufacture, store and release eggs (ova). The creation of human life is a miracle to behold as two tiny cells - the sperm and the ovum - fuse to form a new cell which, after fertilization, resides in the female womb. Nine months later, a fully- formed, breathing, living human being in tiny replica is born.

Couldn't be simpler, right? Don't believe it. Look before you leap, each time!

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