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University schedule through-out the week

Sangyo University
The classes of Robert L. Seltman

Once a week class
Talking About Japan in English

Twice a week class
English Comprehensive A & B Upper Intermediate
A fun-based course designed for Japanese students of English. For specifics and text assigned see the school catalog.

The goal is to create a dynamic learning environment accenting conversation. Utilizing the students accumulated knowledge of fundamental English skills, we move toward making 'talking in English' a natural and comfortable reflex. The hope is that each student will feel at home in speaking English and capable of exchanging ideas on a variety of topics comfortably.

Each week we will use diverse sources, such as film, current events, and life experiences to stimulate dialogue and facilitate communicative practice. Working in pairs, playing in teams, or on our own, various exercises designed to submerge the student in English will be employed. All students will be expected to participate fully, creating a congenial environment for maximum learning. Always speaking in English is the primary axiom of this class.

To maintain a stimulating atmosphere, a diverse collection of methodologies will be used each week. Classes may begin with the showing of a film, a pronunciation exercise, a vocabulary drill, a current event discussion, or anyone of a number of surprise events, and then followed by a complementing lesson accenting discussion. The target is having fun while feeling progress in our communicative English skills.

Students are expected to attend all classes, arriving before the bell, participating fully in class, and supporting their class by maintaining the 'English only' policy. Grades will reflect the students ability to cooperate within the harmony of this challenging learning environment and testing their own abilities by reaching new heights in their own development. It is expected all students will have an electronic dictionary for each class.

Class Objectives

• Assure English fluency by applying both the fundamentals learned in High School with new elements of style helpful in expression, via a spontaneous curriculum directed by student needs.

• Develop sound skills with an emphasis on expressing personal feelings and ideas.

• Experience the joy, power and self-clarification of expressing personal opinions.

• Produce intelligible and useful English in conversation designed to entertain the Western listener.

Students will first collect and describe in English 'Who they are' and next clarify their point of view, with reflective research into 'What they want to say' and 'How to say it' clearly. Finally they will present these views both to classmates and the teacher in spoken and written form.

Class Structure

• Students will meet regularly, on time, at the scheduled classroom and engage immediately in their task. All personal conversation and school work should be done at another time.

• Students are encouraged to use the extensive collection accessible from the Internet, provided here at Lov-e.com and elsewhere. Working through the full program step by step, students should attain a fairly wide view of personal expression, as well as improve their English comprehension skills.

• Questions and suggestions can be addressed directly to the teacher in the classroom. Students are expected to keep in verbal contact with the teacher through out the term, providing progress documentation through personal interviews and other class activities.

• A perfected final project is expected from all students on the assigned dates. Matriculation is assured only to students who have attended the official required classes on time, completed all work properly as assigned, and illustrated a sincere enthusiasm and consistent effort to participate in class activities.


Students are expected to have all materials necessary for writing and taking notes each class, including a quality electronic dictionary Japanese > English / English > Japanese or a printed equivalent.

Talking About Japan in English

How we all love to talk about what we know, with people who are genuinely interested. Yet, what we truly love often requires special vocabulary and practice to convey our true feelings in a foreign language.

For example, we all love Japanese food, but can an American understand the special words Japanese people use for their favorite sushi, or the lovely delicacies they enjoy at their favorite Japanese restaurants, or the utensils used in cooking?

When we talk about our home town, while Americans have States, and Canadians Provinces, what do Japanese people have?

Americans and Japanese sports fans love baseball, but how are the positions called in each language, how are they similar and where are they different? If you love sports, sports can be a wonderful way to make friends. But do you know the nouns, adjectives, and verbs to communicate your life experiences? It is easy once you learn a few key phrases.

Americans often ask about religion in casual conversation, but for the Japanese this is one subject few have the verbal tools to respond to politely and effectively. There are simple and easy ways to talk about delicate subjects, if we take the time to prepare before traveling.

The goal of this class is to help us talk fluently about what we know and love, and to learn strategies to avoid what we don't know or dislike. The eventual goal is to make friends with our English, by developing skills to express our own culture and personal experiences. Each week we will discover the vocabulary and cultural patterns needed to put our best face forward in our quest for friendly communicative interaction with people from around the world.

Talking to new people makes knowing a foreign language fun! Having fun while making friends with our English makes this class a win-win situation for everyone, and prepares us for a life time of friendships with people from all over the world.

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