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Ryukoku University
The classes of Robert L. Seltman

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English for Self Expression

A course designed for students seeking to express their true feelings and deepest thoughts in English.

Class Objectives

• Create a personal vehicle for self expression using American English.

• Find new ways to uncover our personal view and then articulate these views fully.

• Comprehend completely the meaning of the words we use in English so that we can best share our deepest feelings and thoughts on a wide variety of topics clearly.

• Practive saying what we really think and feel in a second language, English.

Class Structure

• Students will meet regularly, on time, at the scheduled classroom and engage immediately in their task. All personal business not related to the class assignments should be done at another time.

• Students are encouraged to use dictionaries, both conventional and electronic, but with the goal to eliminate dependency on these resources. Working through the full program step by step, students should attain a fairly wide view of themselves, as well as improve their English to best express these views.

• Questions and suggestions can be addressed directly to the teacher present in the classroom. Students are expected to keep in verbal contact with the teacher through out the term, providing progress documentation and via regular English dialogue with the teacher.

• A perfected final project is expected from all students on the assigned dates. Matriculation is assured only to students who have attended the official required classes on time, completed all work properly as assigned, and illustrated a sincere enthusiasm and consistent effort to participate in class activities.

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