Yuuki Kaimoto
Today, there are a lot of search engines in the world. Many people use them to find a Website everyday. I’ll introduce some search engines to you.

What are search engines?

Search engines are to find websites that Internet user may want to visit. To use a search engine, you need some key words. For example, if you want to find a website about the function of a new mobile phone, key words that may help are “Docomo”, “new” and “function”. Then, if you enter some key words into search engine, you will find some websites that you want to visit.

Compare some search engines

Since the number of search engines is too many, I can’t introduce all search engines to you.
Therefore, I introduce some famous search engines.

Search Engine
Good Points
Bad Points
It is easy to look for a Website.
- Key word search
- Categorizing the Websites
It is a conspicuous search engine.
- Many colors
- A few advertisements
It is weak in the latest topic.

Microsoft's Search Engine

It is easy to look for a Website.
- Key word search
- Categorizing the Websites
- It is renewed once a week
- It has more than 200 million Websites.
- It is very simple.
-Many Websites fit the key words.
- It needs to choose the best words.

My favorite search engines

My favorite search engine is “Yahoo!” because it is very intimate for me. For example, it offers free e-mail service. In addition, Yahoo! is easy to look for a website and we can get some recent news such as Hurricane Katrina. Moreover, Yahoo! uses many colors and has a few advertisements. For these reasons, I like Yahoo! and I always use it.
I hope you’ll find your favorite search engine.


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