Messenger is an application software. You download it for free from MSN web site. With messenger, you can know who is online or not. And when somebody is online, you can chat, share files, or even see each other by video.

You can chat with 20 people all at once. And while chatting, you can play a game with your friend. There are many little animated pictures called smilies or icons, “wink” that is one action that is animated, and “shake” that shake things up with a nudge and get moving with a dynamic background.
In addition, you can customize your own animated pictures easily. And instead of letters, you can send pictures you have drawn yourself. They help you express your feeling. .
"sharing data"

while chatting, you can share your pictures, musics, files, and backgrounds.
"video/voice conversation"

you can talk hearing and looking at your friends for free. But both parties need a web camera, microphone, and speaker.

One day One conversation

John : Hello!! How are you?

MARY :I'm fine. Long time no see!

John : What are you doing?

MARY : Now I'm watching TV.

John : If you have time tonight, let’s have a drink somewhere.

MARY : Good idea!! Why not?

John : Thanks! I’ll call you in the evening.

MARY : OK. See you later!

Messenger is more casual than telephone, and swifter than E-mail (Keikai).
Messenger enable you to express your individuality by customizing fonts and colors or letters,
images of backgrounds, and so on..
There are any other messenger software, for example Yahoo!
They have many interesting functions, too.
In MSN Messenger, I like wink and shake. It is amusing to surprise my friend by shake.
And wink helps me to communicate easily. We enjoy messenger by not only our letters but also
by these added functions!


MSN Messenger : http://www.imagine-msn.com/messenger/default2.aspx?locale=en-us

MSN Puls! : http://www.msgplus.net/
Yahoo! Messenger : http://messenger.yahoo.com/

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