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Japanese International Mobile Phone
‘Keitai’ in Japanese

In Japan, 69% of the people use Mobile Phones (‘Keitai’). Recently, we cannot find a public telephone easily, so mobile phone use is increasing now. ‘Keitai’ use is without distinction of age or sex nowadays. One company targets senior citizen, as most everyone else, even children, have a mobile phone already. There have been some cases of children being kidnapped recently, so parents give children mobile phones to help keep track of where they are.

Most people are using mobile phones everyday in Japan, but Japanese mobile phone can’t be use abroad. However recently, Japanese mobile phone companies sell international versions, and now it is more common for Japanese people to use their ‘Keitai’ overseas.

What is Global Service?

We can use a Japanese international mobile phone almost any where around the world.
Advantage : We can use the same address and number if we use the international service provided by our present company.
Japanese mobile phone is easy to use for Japanese.
Disadvantage: The charge for a telephone call is very high, and even the email license fee is ten times that of Japan.
The receiver pays a high cost too.
There are still some places in the world which do not have mobile phone service and calls are still restricted to land lines.
Also certain companies have restricted range on their phone.
Used by terrorists to ignite bombs.
Attention! You have to buy a specific phone which correspond to the global type.
Japanese mobile phone is restricted to use in Japan. Foreign bought phones also cannot be used in Japan. Japanese mobile phone is not GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication) style, but an most of the world uses. That is why we have to change from a Japanese mobile phone to an international mobile phone when we travel abroad.
There are international style phone in Japan, but be careful to check your phone for international compatibility before traveling. Ask your phone company representative.
Caution! Some people disrupt traditionally quiet spaces, such as theaters, schools, trains, parks with ringing chimes and with rude chatting.
KEEP TO MANNER and use mobile phone!!
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