Pros and Cons of Email Sales
Nobuyoshi Sato


We can contact with a lot of people in the world by using email. Email is a good way of exchanging information, because it is easy, fast and convenient, therefore, we don’t have to go abroad to contact other people. But, as a contrary, there are bad points such as SPAM. SPAM is unsolicited email like graphics of a sexual nature. If you receive SPAM, you may have a bad feeling.

How about using email on businessÅH For example, if you found a special technique or product and you planned to expand your special technique or product to the world, How can you use email

How to make a sale:

You can pick up the problems what customers have been having from the customers’ e-mail. As a consequence, you will start to have contact with only these people who sent e-mail to you. Then you can send the best technical information to customers. The contact should be initiated by first the customers’ email.

If you must advertise by email to new customers, please remember, the email addresses you got from catalogues, newspapers, journals and by exchanging business cards are legal. This is better than unsolicited email. But remember, many customers do not like unsolicited email. Try to target clients who you believe will want your product.

The advantage is you can offer cheaper products to customers, and you can also assist customers’ life by the convenience of ordering on live.

How to cope well with trouble:

Main troubles and how to cope are as follows. You should cope well.

    About SPAM
    You have to prepare preventive measures against SPAM for customers. If you aren’t able to manage about SPAM, your business will not succeed. Always include on the bottom of your bulk mailing letter a way customers can un-list their address from your service

    About payment:
    It is good that customers send money by postal and credit transfer after customers received the products. If customers received broken products, the are then not required to send money.You should receive customers’ complaint by e-mail.

    About guarantee:
    You should guarantee for one-year all products

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