Toshinori Ikeo
Lately, we can talk with many people who have a personal computer through various web sites. Though there are many ways to talk with many people online, I will focus on “chat” sites.
What is chat?

Chat is to talk with many people at the same time on the web site in real time.
In the chat, many people can talk about sports, music, politics, economy, love, and so on. People that take part in chat on the web are of various ages and do various jobs. In the chat, we can enjoy talking with different people who are far away. By “chatting” what we really mean is we type into the computer what we want to say using a keyboard. To chat it helps to type fast. We need to type fast.

My favorite chat

There are many chat sites, of those I choose Yahoo Chat. This is very popular in Japan. When I am free, I use this chat. It is good for me to kill time and to talk with various people. In the chat, I read what people have to say and then answer their questions. Chat’s attraction is to share and have a good time with many people. Of course, there are bad things. Some say bad things to hurt another person. They do not behave properly sometimes. I believe they should keep the chat rules. You will never know the good points and bad points until you try.


We should keep private information. If you share your private information, it is capable of being abused. We should not pretend we are other people. You should take care not to download a URL or receive a file which someone gives you. It may be infected with virus.

More techniques

If you have a video camera, you can have a chat face to face. This is called “video chat”.
You can make your own “chat room”. You can introduce your friends whom you meet in the chat site for your chat room.


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In English

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