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“Web log” is a good communication tool to hear many opinions about specific matters. It is composed of some articles about international or local happening around the author, for example current general election, or recent hurricanes, and so on. While the author raises his opinion, he could directly get people’s opinion in various countries.
Also there is the good point that everyone can start easily.

How to Blog

  1. Searching for interesting news, to formulate my own opinion.

    News papers examples

  2. Write article and raise some opinions.
    For example, how do foreign people, especially from Asian countries, feel about the result of the general election in Japan?

  3. Through the responses of the opinion from the audience, we deepen our understanding about the news.
    In the world, there are many people who have different viewpoints. It is exciting to know it.

  4. Let‘s write “Blog”.
    Your “Blog” is read by many people from your neighborhood to far distant countries through the internet. So, when you write articles, you should always decide the topic which will awaken for the readers, and balance it with your topic and opinion.

Current Examples

September 12. 2005

Yesterday, general election proceeded. The result is Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) won a great victory. They got 296 seats of 480 seats. I think the result is appraised Koizumi’s policy by citizens. Actually, we Japanese had no option except for LDP.

Prime Minister Koizumi tried to privatize the post office. In Japan, the post office is managed by the government, therefore there is much waste. So he tried to change it. But the bill was rejected in house of councilors. And this election happened.
In Asian countries, people are apprehensive of militarization. But I think Koizumi’s policy is right, and not want thus reformation. So, I voted for the LDP. Maybe, many Japanese voted from a similar motivation.
So please don’t misunderstand, especially you who are from other Asian countries. We never justified our war. I swear to recognize my own country’s crime, and as a Japanese citizen I apologize.

The result of this election:

September 13,2005

Secretary of FEMA resigned. His CNN interview was very much impressive to me. I felt his style was too indifferent to the victims situation. I think his expression would give a bad impression and not calm the victims. His impression is too indifferent to calm victims.

He should have gone to New Orleans as soon as possible. I think this is a natural response of people.
However I wonder if he had a reason to be in Washington…Probably, we need him to act like the TV drama “24”. But this is not real. I sympathize for him.

Anyway, I recommend selecting the next secretary by his ability to perform well on TV.

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