Auctions on the Internet
Kana Ishihara


We can buy many things on the internet any time, anywhere. You don’t need to go to any shops. You can do the shopping at your house. And you can buy something cheap or something expensive. You may buy very rare things. So many people all over the world do auctions on the internet today.

At this moment something is being sold somewhere……

How to buy at an on-line auction:

  1. Access a website that deals with auctions.
    You should do this first.

  2. Register as a member of that website.
    You cannot buy anything without this registration.

  3. Find something that you want to buy.
    Run a search using what you want as the key word. Try variations, for example tea set, tea service, tea cup, etc. There will be many options plus their pictures, so you can find something very easily.

  4. Make a bid for what you want to buy.
    If you really want one, let’s bid a good price for it!! Pay attention to the time that is the deadline. If you wait too much, you will loose what you want to buy. Bid for it at the eleventh hour!!

  5. If you win, you pay, usually via credit card or on delivery.
    You will receive an e-mail automatically when your auction closes with information on the winning bidder. So you contact them and arrange payment. Then you wait for your trophy to arrive. Deliveries can take about 3 days to a month.

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