Smoking and Health

I selected this theme because I am a smoker. Of course I know the danger of smoking, but there are many people who don’t know it, especially teenagers. So I study about smoking more and more, and want them to know about the danger of smoking.

The History of Tobacco
I did not know about the history of tobacco. It is very deep. The following site will show you about it

What is tobacco?
Tobacco contains many toxic substances and bad effects. My friend said, "If I eat tobacco, I will die". I am not certain if this is true, but there seems to be a grain of truth in it.
Also smoke contains many bad elements which cause cancer.
Here is a Tobacco Facts site with a helpful description of tobacco related symptoms.


1. Dependence
Tobacco is a kind of drug. Once you smoke, you can’t stop easily. It is called dependence. In my case, however I know about the danger of smoking, I can’t stop smoking. When I get tired or have a break, I get irritated if I don’t smoke. It is said that smoking three cannabis joints a day can cause the same lung damage as 20 cigarettes.

The work of these International illustrators help illustrate the dangers.

2. Symptoms
There are so many symptoms caused by tobacco, but the main symptoms are separated in two. One is called acute effects. For example, having a fit of coughing, becoming short of breath, having bad circulation, having bad breath, lack of sleep or losing weight.
The other is called chronic effects. The most dangerous effect is cancer. Smoking causes 30% of all cancers.

3. Passive Smoking
Do you know there are two kinds of smoke from tobacco? One is the smoke which smokers inhale through the filter. The other is the smoke which smokers release into the air, called “Secondhand smoke”. And what is worse, secondhand smoke is more dangerous than firsthand smoke.


4. Children
Children are undeveloped and don’t have strong bodies which can be fit for smoke. So it is very harmful for children to smoke. And also the baby whose parents are both smokers can be born with some kind of handicap.


Which do you choose?
As you see, there are no good thing to smoke. Tobacco harm your body, spend your money, and affect your friend, too. It’s your choice!!

or ?


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