Seasalt for health

by Minako Fukumoto

In Japan, many health foods are very popular now. “Nigari” is famous as health food in Japan. It is very useful to maintain our health and improve our constitution. It is used for various purposes, for example, diet and skin care.

What is “Nigari”?

“Nigari” is a liquid residue from concentrations of seawater and crystallizing salt. It is used as a coagulater for “Tofu”. The basis of “Nigari” is magnesium chloride. However, it also contains some inorganic salts (minerals), such as potassium chloride and calcium.

Effects of “Nigari”

Using it for cooking

When we boil meat, fish or vegetables, “Nigari” can decrease the lye
because the penetration of magnesium is high.
When we dilute “Nigari” with water, our mucous membrane is stimulated, preventing hay fever and pollen allergy (pollinosis).

Using it for beauty treatment

In mineral springs and as bath salts for bathing. The magnesium which including“Nigari” activates the cells of our skin and helps keep the skin moisturized.

Natural minerals and vitamins help clean and open our pours.
When our hair is soaked in water with “Nigari”, it activates the roots of the hair, and it can prevent loss of hair or loss of hair color. In addition, “Nigari” whitens our skin.

When we take a bath with a few drops of
“Nigari”, our body is warmed, and it
helps burn off fat.

The big boom: An Effective “Nigari” Diet

We eat “Nigari” with rice, miso soup and tea…. In
particular, it is best to eat food with vitamin B1 with your “Nigari”. For example, include brown (unpolished) rice, spinach, eel and ham.
ÅEAlso “Nigari” helps assimilation of calcium, and enhances our metabolism.
”Nigari” can help evacuate quickly our waste matter, as well as water and fat in our body.


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Japanese sites

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