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Robert L. Seltman
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Resume / Curriculum Vitae
Last Updated March 2012

1-33-22 Hieidaira, Otsu-Shi,
Shiga-Ken, JAPAN 520-0016

TEL (077) 529-0624
Cellphone in Japan: 090-7876-7050

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,
Internet and Computer Skills,
Contempary Fine Arts,
and Asian Studies.

Content based classes in Global Issues,
Disney Animation, and Media Arts.


6/89-9/91 Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
School for International Training (SIT) Vermont, U.S.A.
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

9/86-4/87 Institute of Japanese Studies; Tokyo, Japan;
College entrance intensive in Nihon-go.

9/83-4/84 New School University New York City, U.S.A.
with additional Japanese language course work at The Japan Society, NYC.

9/79-6/80 New York University; New York City, U.S.A.
School of Continuing Education, Linguistic Department; Introduction to
the Spanish language.

9/69-6/73 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Pratt Institute; New York City, U.S.A.
Fine Arts, Media, and Education.

Teaching experience

Lectures at universities this season: 2012-2013

Otani University, Kyoto, Japan (Since 1992)
Ryukoku University, Kyoto Omiya campus, Japan (Since 1998)
Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan (since 2002)
Kyoto Bunkyo University & Junior College, Uji, Japan (since 2004)

In Addition to my present lectures I have also taught at:

Ritsumeikan University; Kyoto, Japan (beginning 1988)
Columbia University; American Language Program, Summer Session, New York City, USA.
Bukkyo University; Kyoto, Japan
Seika Art College, Kyoto, Japan
Hanazono University; Kyoto, Japan.
Kansai University; Osaka, Japan.
Kansai University of Foreign Languages; Hirakata, Japan.
Koka University; Kyoto, Japan.
Kyoto Women's University; Kyoto, Japan
NHK and Asahi Culture Centers

11/87-6/89 (while teaching university in Kyoto)
Matsushita (OTC) Overseas Training Center; Hirakata Koen, Japan.

3/86-11/87 (while living in Tokyo)
Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Japan Steel, for International Educational Research and Analysis Corp
IBM Japan, Nihon Information and Communication Co. Tokyo.

3/85-3/86 (while living in Kochi, Japan)
Nichibei School of Foreign Languages; Kochi, Japan.

English & Japanese language publications

EnergyLife Magazine Fall 2004 German language publication.
German translation of the original published in English as Bali & Beyond in Spring 2004.
• Hanazono Univ. Literary Academic Review Vol. 30
Hanazono Daigaku Bungakubu Kenkyu KiyouVol.30.
Book Review of Kiyohiro Miura's novel Chonan no Shukke "He's Leaving Home"
translated by Jeff Shore. Kyoto, 1998
Kansai Time Out Magazine, regular contributor, articles include computer and
human-interest topics; Art and computers, software for children, technophobia, obesity,
education,20th century in review,Kobe 1996-99
• Saga Art College Art Communication Magazine Be-Bi’ve. Cocktail Party English,
a bilingual articleon American language skills, Kyoto, 1994
Japanese Body Language; Non-Verbal Communication in the Classroom;
ESL teacher’s thesis introducing the non-verbal signals of Japanese students to
non-Japanese teachers
working in Japan, thesis research. SIT, 1991.
Kinki Times, the Kinki Macintosh Computer Users Group Newsletter and BBS Postings,
Kinki region computer club for computer users, regular contributing author of hardware
and software reviews, and other computer related articles 1991-99.
Most recently contributing in e-zine format (electronic posting for Internet).
• A Quarterly Literary Magazine CHIT-CHAT June 1985 No.30
Suggestions for studying Englishin a rural environment. December 1985 No.31 Mountain Flowers, a fictional short story
about two old friends after one has died, Kochi, Japan.
• Inter-Access Number Six October/November 1986, Tokyo, Japan.
Aids in Licking a Foreign Tongue,A humorous essay on learning foreign languages
in New York and Tokyo.

Publications referencing earlier projects and writings

World View Spring 1992, Vol.5, No. 1, Key to Teaching in Japan Decoding the Unspoken
by Nanci Leitch, an article integrating my research of Japanese student body language
with the observations and research of other teachers of English in Japan.
Bijutsu Techo August 1987 vol. 39 no.584 monthly art magazine, Tokyo, Japan.
NoSeNo 1983-87by Toyo Tsuchiya, describes an alternative art center I help establish in the Lower East Side
of New York City in the 80's.

Recent presentations and volunteer activities

Creator and web master for Lov-e.com an education directed website for ESL/EFL students

Board member and officer of Kyoto International School from 1995-99 Kyoto, Japan.

Japanese Association of Language Teachers; Publicity committee: Computer Assisted Language Learning Convention CALLing ASIA

Organized a Kinki Macintosh User Group computer lab demonstration at
Kyoto International School for parents, teachers, and community members 1997.
General trouble shooter of Mac related computing woes for the Kansai foreign community.

Group Show Vietnamese Orphans Benefit, oil paintings in Kyoto Japan, March 1996, 1997.

Exhibition of Oil Paintings, presented at Studio December in Kyoto Japan, October 1994.

Personal data

Excellent health. Born May 28 1951 in New York, USA.
Visa: Japanese Permanent Residency status; In Japan since 1985, in Kansai since 1988. We own our hown in Hieidaira, Otsu, a suburb of Kyoto City in Shiga. I have three children my daughter Kai Maria born 1990, my son Zen Raphael born 1992 and my son Bo born 2011. My wife Reiko Inokoshi Seltman, a university instructor of English, died on June 21, 2000.

Registered with the Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbusho) as a university instructor; Specializing in English language acquisition. I am interest in computer assisted education, and world issues when applied to content based communicative student-centered learning, and teaching conversation skills.
Recommendations, publication copies, and curriculum details on request.

Robert L. Seltman
1-33-22 Hieidaira, Otsu, JAPAN 520-0016 TEL (077) 529-0624
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