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On June 21st 2000, after a deep and unrelenting depression, Reiko Inokoshi Seltman took her own life. Reiko was my wife, the mother of our two children, and an extraordinary individual.

In preparation for the one year anniversary of her death, I began compiling a photo essay of her life, from the assortment of snapshots in our family photo albums... in the hope of presenting something here.

The anniversary came and went. There was a beautiful service in Japanese for Reiko, created by the Headmaster and fellow mothers at the Christian pre-school our children had attended. A dance performance by Heidi of one of Reiko's poems needed to be put off for another year. I still needed to struggle with many unresolved feelings.

Over the course of the summer I discovered I was not yet fully prepared for the task of creating a memorial. Each snapshot brought with it a torrential down pouring of memories and tears. Old diaries, loved books, favorite clothing, bits and pieces of a life lost, kept sucking me back into the healing process.

Slowly I have begun to select random shots and investigate various Java scripts that enabled me to create an ever changing display.

The photo collection was completed in time for the second anniversary.

Click here to see the family photos between 1988 to the present.

Robert L. Seltman

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