Robert Louis Seltman
Essays&Blogs blends my three loves, art, writing, and teaching. Here are examples of my published works and exploratory writings for the Internet.

Recent Writings
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Earlier Works

Master Thesis
Japanese Body Language in the Classroom (1991)

Teaching and Learning English
Cocktail Party English (1994)
Japanese Schools in Five Years
(Technology in the Classroom) (1999)
Fortune Telling Cards for Fun with English (2005)
Disney Animated Movies Discussion & Insight
into American Language and Culture (1995)
Teaching Methodology for using Disney in Lessons (1995)
Why Learn Global Issues in the English Class?
Common Classroom English Expressions
Mastering the Internet
Creating Link Pages in English Computer Class
Creating Link Pages Step by Step(2000)2002
Home Study

Early Technology Related Articles
Child Proofing Your Computer (1993)
Dogen on Dream-Making Within Dreams (1994)
The Four Nobel Truths of Computing (1994)
Computer Over-Users (Hacker Healthy Living) (1995)
Making Your System Better (1996)
FileMaker Pro 3 Databased for Action (1997)
XML, CGI Perl, ActiveX (formerly OLE),
and Even Nastier Easily Mangled Acronyms (1999)
Web Page Promotion
Ideas, Gimmicks, & Issues of Quality (1999)
Who Me, a Technophobe? (1999)
History of Kinki Macintosh Users Group (1999)
Finding the Ideal Host for Your Web Site (1999)
What the Heck is HTML? (1999)
Japanese Schools in Five Years
(Technology in the Classroom) (1999)
E-Mail Mania What you gotta know (1999)
SPAM = unsolicited email (1999)
Validating your site for HTML compliance (1999)
Beginner to Computing (1994 revised 2000)2004

Book Reviews
"Flowers Fall" Dogen and Yasutani
in Translation (1997)
HE’S LEAVING HOME translated
by Jeff Shore (1998)
Five Recent Translations of Rumi (2005)

General Miscellanea
Paintings (1994)
PowerBook Haiku - Poetry (circa 1993)
Sex, Drugs, and the Death of a Century (1999)
Observations on Obesity (1997)
Diet Commentary 2003
Teen Violence - Graphic Sociopolitical Essay (2000)
Reiko Remembered (2000)2001

Japan Related Articles
Surviving Depression in Japan (2000)
Kyoto International School, Our History (2004)
What I Love About Japan (2005)
An Introduction to Mac in Japan Today; an Editorial (2004).

New Age Themes in Dalando's Dharma Deli
What exactly is Dharma?
Taking Leaps by Stepping In and Blissing Out
Chakra Treats
Are Chakra Real?
Fat Facts and Falacies
Fasting, The Diet to Die For!
Exercise, Why I hate it.
Habits, Using Habitual Behavior for Self-improvement
Food, How I Love Thee
Happy, Works for me!
Accredited Bliss Providers
Dalando's Favorite Dharma Delicacy Tonglen
In Energy World, A First Encounter with Michael Barnett
Review of Varuni's Cosmic Walkabout 2002
Loopy Questions, Self-Destructive Patterns
URINE THERAPY Is drinking pee your cup of tea?
Hidden in Plain View of my Subconscious (2005)

Teaching Resume (updated periodically)
Robert Louis Seltman