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Otani University

There are three levels each tailored to the general needs of each class.

Disney Discussions
American language and Culture via Disney Animations

Please begin with this introduction
Intro for Teachers and Students

For a detailed discussion of using Disney Animations in the Second Language Classroom please read
Disney Lessons Methodology

These classes target the beginner level student but are applicable to a wide diversity in skills level. For administrative reasons, these classes are generally not streamed for language proficiency.

Classes are opened to students with a diverse variance in English speaking and comprehension ability, and may include students of any age or motivatioanal level. Therefore students must take personal initiative to communicate with other students and the teacher in English for best results.

To accommidate large classes of students, with different learning needs, I have over the years developed this Disney theme to both entertain and engage the students week to week. Experience has found Disney animations have a universal relevence and popularity for young people... and are, in my opinion, a useful cultural bridge and pedagogical tool.

Suggestions for students

Students are encouraged to arrive early, in order to assure an appropriate seat during screenings and other class activities. Classroom seating is determined by the exercise of the day and coming late is extremely problematic.

Students need to be prepared for a variety of possibilities. Therefore it is essential students have all the necessary tools for writing and taking notes, as well as a quality dictionary, preferably an electronic dictionary suitable for English study.

In keeping with the policy of the university, students must come to all classes (maximum of three absences per term) and on time (before the bell, two late equal to one absence),

Students are expected to be prepared to participate in class activities enthusiastically and cooperatively.

An English Only policy is enforced in these classes to help facilitate conscientious students and weed out those that lack the personal discipline necessary for language acquisition. I am not shy about enforcing these class rules.