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Recommendations for Mac Shopping from Japan

In Japan many native English speakers prefer English Operating Systems on their Mac and English manuals and Help files. Fortunately Mac's OS offers a selection of languages and all publications in English are available online for free. The Japanese Online Apple store has English speaking staff during regular office hours and orddering is safe and easy, delivery fast.

US On-line company with good record for exports to Japan Small Dog Electronics if you have made any purchase through this company you then qualify as an old customer and so they can then ship to Japan. Service is good.

Other World Computing (OWC) is a company that comes well recommended.

Japanese On-line company with US resale products (Japanese required)
"Domo" Sapporo, Hokkaido On-line Apple Store requires Japanese but service and prices are good. New and Used Mac Products.
Japanese On-line Mac Stores (Japanese required)
"KitKut" Otsu, Shiga Apple Dealer Authorized Apple Dealer

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