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Connecting to the Internet
Helpful for Japan in English: Sample Japanese Providers:
"Yahoo BB/ADSL English site" also So-net

Advanced Sites Scripting for Java, HTML, & OS X

Stepwise OSX News

CGI (Perl) Learn CGI The Source for Perl Web T echniques Columns
CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ The CGI Resource Index CGI Programming FAQ


ActiveX - Component Library ActiveX Controls - Microsoft
ActiveX and OCX Shareware and Freeware Visual Basic


Dynamic Drive Macromedia - Dreamweaver MX Cross-Browser DHTML


XHTML Extensible Markup Language (XML) W3C XML Microsoft Web Workshop - XML XML - Groups and Discussion Forums
IBM - XML Meta Lab - XML General FAQs about XML XML Validation Form


Java FAQ Knowledge Base FAQs on Java IBM Center Java Technology - FAQs
JavaBeans Component Architecture FAQ Java FAQ Archives Java Newsgroup FAQs
Java Sound FAQ Aereal VRML, Javascript FAQs Jave General FAQs Java 3D API FAQs

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