Welcome to "MacInJapan" An Apple Computer Link Page for English Speakers Living in Japan.

Mac Help Online
By far the best source of online English Mac help in Japan is the BBS
Kinki-Net (members only) of Kinki Mac Users Group
See Mac User Groups in Japan for additional groups.

Technical Mac Reference Sites
Mac History and Museums
Older Macs
Obsolete computer museum Favorite Classic Mac Links
The Macintosh Museum Low End Mac
Andy Mesa's Apple Museum
Classic Apple Computer Sites
Compatible, & Processor Upgrade Cards
Apple II FAQ maintained by Jeff Hurlburt
Apple Mac Performa 460 User's Log
Apple Mac IIcx/IIci User's
68040 Computers The Apple II Website
68LC040 Computers NetBSD - A UNIX-like OS
The Mac 512 Minix (Unix) OS for Macintosh
Another Mac Plus site
What Works On A 68000 Mac
Steve Wood's IIfx Page Mac OS 8.1 Special Report
Mac Quadra 650 User's Mac OS 8.5 Special Report
Repair Macintosh SE/30 Tom Owad's Applefritter
Classic PowerBooks: For Web Graphic Artists:
PB100 FAQ The Stock Solution (TSS)
Powerbook Guy ClipArt Today
AG Editions Online
Apple Logos Collection
Mac Related Sites:
Digital Camera Resource Multlingualism on the Mac
Hyperstudio Site OmniOutliner 1.2 (Mac OSX)
Apple's Education Information Alan Wood's Unicode Samples
Scambusters Alan Wood's Font Page.
Jobs with Macs: Mac OS 8.5 Multilingual Internet Access
Everything Mac Employment Classical Chinese (Amazing!)
MacTech Job Listings/Resources
The Arabic Mac
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