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Intro Page
Mac in Japan ( a yearly snap-shot of where we are at)
an editorial for English speakers using Apple in Japan and elsewhere or for those who are just plain curious.
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Mac Online Magazines & News Services
with a new section on better Tech Podcasts
the latest information on Apple and Apple products
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Mac Help Online
Programming Basics
Special Classic Mac Needs
Midi & Sound Sites
References: Dictionary &
Tech Encyclopedia
Classic Macs Favorite Links
Mac Cartoon & Fun stuff
Older Macs, Vintage Models
E-mail Lists
Reading Japanese on English O S
Jobs and Mac Skills Employment
Mac Multilingualism Cross-Platform Operating System
For Web Artists
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Connecting to the Internet
Advanced Sites, Scripting for OSX
Web Promotion
Understanding and Utilizing the Internet CGI (Perl)
Protecting Privacy/Security Active X
Making Web Pages DHTML
Naming Web sites,Country Codes XML
Internet Know-How Java
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Mac Software
Popular Software
Games and Fun Gadgets
Distribution Points Downloaders
Updaters Freeware and Shareware

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Mac Shopping Recommended from Japan
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French Mac Sites
Japanese Life Style and Tourism Links

Who is 'MacInJapan' for?
Anyone maintaining a Mac life style, but in particular people with bilingual or cross-platform computing needs in Japan.

Who is the author of 'MacInJapan'?
Robert L. Seltman, a teacher and Mac enthusiast living in Japan.
My primary source of Mac information is Kinki Mac Users Group via their BBS Kinki-Net.
I wholeheartedly recommend you join.

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Robert L. Seltman

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