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Mac's Evolution from Desktop to Mobile Computing

Follow the money... and we are inevitably talking iPhones and iPads... and the sale of 25 billion mobile apps by early 2012. If we are talking web pages, we are talking designs suitable for formats ranging from iPhone to Apple TV. I feel overwhelmed by the coding challenges presented by this paradigm shift... Yet, as an educator, there has never been such pedagogical promise.

This is an exciting time in 'Learning' technology. How can this new tech revolutionize learning? This morning I was playing with YouTube sourced children's lessons, piped from Japan to the Philippines via Skype to an iPad, with my running commentary, as I watched, as mother and child participated thousands of miles away. The whole world is participating!

As an educator I am excited with surfing this new wave of dynamic delivery systems. The trick is in mastering the tools and applying concrete methodology. Steve Job's true legacy may be in the ways we learn. An innovative win win for everyone.

Mac In Japan 2010-11
by RL Seltman

For true Apple fanboys, like this author, the unrelenting frailty of Steve Jobs health leaves a shadow on all of the otherwise stimulating advancements, in iPhone, iPad, Air Mac, and MacBook design. Like children awaiting Christmas, we sat, breath-held, in excitement at each of Steve’s announcements. He was our Santa Claus, and his army at Cupertino our elf encamped North Pole.

Though the dictatorial presence of his might and aesthetic still prevails, he is no longer officially in-charge, nor said to be in good health. Basically, the world is in ‘wait and see’ mode, hoping for the best, but fully aware that all benevolent dictators must eventually succumb to the inevitable. I am reminded of Walt Disney and the length of his legacy, and hope these genius-created models of perfection can resist the ravages of corporate inaptitude.

SoftBank, Apple's distributor of iPhone services in Japan and major retailer Softmap have been placing more energy in promoting the Apple iPhone with discounted promotions, and so market share has improved considerably. For other hardware purchases, In a few of the larger Japanese cities there are beautifully architectured Apple Centers. For the majority of us Apple fans, outside these key urban centers, on-line Apple purchases are necessary, but... fortunately, exceptionally reliable.

The Apple Store and English Support help-line has, in my opinion, a poorly designed call reception system, particularly for those of us limited to English-only on the phone (or sensitive to screechingly loud and abrasive call-waiting music)... Yet, once connected, service staff are very helpful, polite, and effective.

There may never be the proliferation of Apple product providers, as we once had, in many of the medium size cities here in Japan. In Kyoto, for example, I could not find the newest nine pin firewire adaptors now needed for the latest models. One has either a long commute to an urban center or to use Apple online shopping.

In Shiga, a geographically expansive prefecture surrounding Lake Biwa, there is only one store, Kitcut, in a relatively small shopping mall. Fortunately Kitcut has an interior design suitable for Apple patrons. An aesthetic imperative for discerning Japanese design professionals. The few remaining Apple Centers in Japan inspire purchase, despite the infamous 'beauty of design' surcharge. There is no better market than Japan where design matters more. After all, we are the land where perfection of form is essential, a land long suited to Apple products.

As the iPad is rolled out in Japan, at least for the native English speaking community, the question remains whether there will be enough media available to make a purchase attractive. There is still limited movie selections in English on iTunes Japan and US websites providing English language media remain blocked. Who actually the iPad market will be in Asia remains to be seen but early signs show promise.

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