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Kyoto Bunkyo Junior College
The classes of Robert L. Seltman

Basic English Conversation
A fun-based course designed for mixed level students.
For specifics see the school catalog.

Kyoto Bunka J.C. uses David Martin's text "Talk a Lot" Book One and Book Two. Each term students select a course appropriate for their level, levels ranging from I through IV. The flow of each class will be anchored to the skills and patterns prescribed in the school catalog, and aligned with the text. But students should also expect a wide diversity of activities and exercises designed to enhance their communicative skills while having fun.

Class Objectives

• Assure English fluency by applying both the fundamentals learned in High School with new elements of style helpful in expression, via a spontaneous curriculum directed by student needs.

• Develop sound skills with an emphasis on expressing personal feelings and ideas.

• Experience the joy, power and self-clarification of expressing personal opinions.

• Produce intelligible and useful English in conversation designed to entertain the Western listener.

Students will first collect and describe in English 'Who they are' and next clarify their point of view, with reflective research into 'What they want to say' and 'How to say it' clearly. Finally they will present these views both to classmates and the teacher in spoken and written form.

Class Structure

• Students will meet regularly, on time, at the scheduled classroom and engage immediately in their task. All personal conversation and school work should be done at another time.

• Students are encouraged to use the extensive collection accessible from the Internet, provided here at Lov-e.com and elsewhere. Working through the full program step by step, students should attain a fairly wide view of personal expression, as well as improve their English comprehension skills.

• Questions and suggestions can be addressed directly to the teacher in the classroom. Students are expected to keep in verbal contact with the teacher through out the term, providing progress documentation through personal interviews and other class activities.

• A perfected final project is expected from all students on the assigned dates. Matriculation is assured only to students who have attended the official required classes on time, completed all work properly as assigned, and illustrated a sincere enthusiasm and consistent effort to participate in class activities.


Students are expected to have all materials necessary for writing and taking notes each class, including a quality electronic dictionary Japanese > English / English > Japanese or a printed equivalent.

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