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Dear Old Goats and Young Kids
This is all about using this website.

Here are lots of links for littler and bigger kids.
Sites come and go every hour, so there is no telling what your kids will find when cruising on the web. Some of it is 'fun' silly while others 'dangerous' silly...

...so I have taken the liberty to weed through lots of it and choose the fun stuff... cool websites for children that appeal to both the teacher and the dad in me.My approach is the willy-nilly method of display... because I want this experience to be about discovery.
These Kid's Pages are designed to be fun and safe... focusing on wonder over controversy. The other sections are for supervised use only.
In the Topic Index or my Site Map you can find the structured courses, as well as help with the internet and teenage issues, but these sections are designed for older learners. These lessons are made controversial to provoke debate and encourage students. My Disney Pages, for example, are made to inspire discussion in high school and college age settings by providing alternative perspectives on these classical themes.

This is also good for younger children, but will need a little loving help to make it fully effective. It is always good parental advice to keep your third eye on what your children are doing on the internet at any age.

Keep your youngling ages zero through ten here in the Kid's Pages. There is enough to do for a Nordic winter. If younger children do use the big people or Teen Topics section,
please be there to talk.

Thank you for visiting.

Robert L. Seltman

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