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Have you ever stopped to think what customs you do everyday that are unique to Japan?

Inside the house
basic Japanese house rules
Visiting shrines and temples
how to behave properly at shrines and temples
Taking a bath
about the Japanese way of taking a bath
Japanese toilets
about Japanese toilets
Table manners
some basic rules of Japanese table manners
about the proper usage of chopsticks in Japan
Dining out
about dining at a Japanese restaurant
Sitting techniques
the proper sitting techniques and seating order
about bowing, the Japanese way of greeting
Giving gifts
about the exchange of gifts and souvenirs
Doing Business
about doing business in Japan
Visiting Cards
about the use of business cards in Japan
about Japanese names and titles
things that are thought to cause bad luck

When entering a Japanese house, you should take off your shoes at the entrance (genkan) and change into slippers which are usually provided by the host.

When entering a room with tatami floor, you are supposed to take off your slippers, since one should step onto tatami mats only in socks or barefoot.

Finally, you will find special toilet slippers for exclusive usage inside the washroom. Leave your usual slippers outside the door while using the washroom.
TokyoDV Video Log

Coming of Age Day
contemporary contrasts
Royal Kimono Dressing
classical form
Sex for Brands
new cultural values
Street Fashion
Omotesando Tokyo
Platform Pearching
Japanese Fall

How to Bow
by artist
Nora Krug

Describe all the details in your genkan.
When we leave home in the morning in America, some people say "I'm going now" and when we return "I'm home..." What do Japanese people say and do...?
How do we greet each other?

Do we touch?
When do we use eye contact?
What do we do when we go to someone's home?
How do we use etiquette for a job interview... a date... meeting friend's parents... when going hiking?
How aware are you of all the details that distinguish Japanese people socially?

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