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Have you ever tried acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion heat treatment, or natural mineral hot spring baths?

What do Japanese people call the energy that Americans, Europeans and Chinese call 'Chi'?

Have you tried moxibustion?

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The word "moxa" comes from Japanese mogusa . Yomogi also serves as a synonym for moxa in Japan. Chinese uses the same character as mogusa, but pronounced differently: ài, also called àiróng (meaning "velvet of ài").
The Chinese character for moxa forms one half of the two making up the Chinese word that often gets translated as "acupuncture"
zhïnji-u .

Do you use Japanese herbal medicine (kampo)?

"Following the introduction of Chinese medicine to Japan in the fourth century, Japanese practitioners gradually refined and improved the original formulas. Particularly, after 17th century, the original formulas were validated through clinical experience, and the foundation was laid for uniquely Japanese Kampo medicine. Thus, although Kampo has its roots in China, it is also a product of Japanese culture and experience."

Japanese people
'drink' medicine...

What do English speakers say?

If you had an accident or got sick while overseas, could you describe your symptoms to a doctor?

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Have you heard of Reiki ?

Many people in other countries know about Reiki and other Japanese remedies.

"Inserting a rectum suppository" (Ouch!)
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  In Shiatsu the pressure point location and the analysis of effectiveness are based on modern anatomy, physiology and pathology.

  This technique focuses on the use of 'shi'= finger 'atsu'= pressure. Using only the hands and fingers, Shiatsu doesn't use any mechanical devices or external medicines.

  Shiatsu applies manual and digital pressure to the skin with the aim of preventing and curing illness by stimulating the body's natural powers of recuperation, eliminating fatigue-producing elements, and promoting general good health.

  With Shiatsu, assessment and therapy are combined. The hands and fingers of the trained therapies are sensitive enough to detect abnormalities in the skin or muscles or body heat on contact and thus are able to pinpoint irregularities and determine an appropriate course of treatment.

  There is no age limit with Namikoshi Shiatsu ñ it is safe for babies through to the elderley.

Shiatsu is effective because it treats the whole body. First, it deals with the body generally as an entire whole, since everything is connected and every part and component influences another. Then it focuses on the local area that needs more attention.

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