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Japanese Transportation

Japan has one of the best train systems in the world.
Buses, too, can be very convenient.

Recently cars have become increasingly popular with most families having more than one car.
The roads get more crowded every year, but fortunately Japanese car manufacturers are investing in hybrid research for fuel efficiency and electrical cars.

Commuting plays an important role in many people's lives, with some people traveling for hours to get from home to work or school.

Japanese public transportation is famous for cleanliness and punctuality and, despite some recent major train accidents, generally is safe.

Only the occassional 'rail-jumper' suicide blemishes this amazing complex of efficiency...

...And iPod convenience has made riding trains even better.

How long
does it take
to get here?
How do you come?
Do you have
a driver's license?
Have you
ever been in
an accident?

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