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In America we wear two hats, one for our job and one for our social life.
Hats for

work ...
...and hats
for fun!!
When we meet someone new
we ask about both.

"What do you do?"
and "What do you do for fun?"
are often the very first questions we ask a potential friend.
We share intimate secrets with someone we meet as a gift of friendship.

We try and express what is truly important in our lives, in the hope they will tell us what really matters to them.
In my case, I mention my two children and life as a single father...
...I talk about my teaching...
I talk about my friends and family in America...
...often I invite them to see the family photos on my website...
...and recently I read a new friend's palm...

Anything to allow us to reveal ourselves to each other.
I keep a store house of treasures to share with new acquaintances...
...little jokes, funny stories, wishes and aspirations!

Making friends and sharing life-styles is what English is all about.

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