An Introduction

Lov-e.com was born early 1999 as an experiment in education and as...
an acronym and pun Learning OnlineVirtuallyEverything.

The author Robert L. Seltman, an American teaching English at universities in Japan, wished to consolidate his interests, to combine play with profession and expression. This website documents these experiments, both pedagogical and personal. The author has maintained journals and sketchbooks since childhood, and the web followed as a natural extension. His work as a New York City artist, through the seventies and early eighties, was often autobiographical and a soapbox for his political and social observations, and so too this site.

Much here has outlived its initial intention, as students have matured in their understanding of digital media and mobile connectivity, yet there is still relevance in analysis and review of the basics. Much here can be useful to both students and teachers.

There are several departments of learning here.