An Introduction
Emmy our beloved housemate
Zen Raphael
R.L.Seltman at the Nara Deer Park
Kai Maria
Dance of the cranes, a romantic motion.

Lov-e.com was born early 1999 as an experiment in education...
an acronym and pun for Learning Online Virtually - Everything.

The author Robert L. Seltman, an American teaching English at universities in Japan, wished to consoladate his interests, to combine play with profession and expression. So much has happened since.

This website exudes self-absorption. The author has maintained dairy-like sketchbooks since childhood and the web followed as a natural extension. His work, as a New York City artist through the seventies and early eighties, was often autobiographical and a soapbox for his political and social observations, and so too this site.

Much here has outlived its initial intention. Students have since grown and had their own children... Children who take the internet for granted. Once on the edge of innovation, now is yesterday's Tweet feed. Success is measured in survival seconds, a speed that leaves a faint digital residue. Retaining this historical snail-trail remains an open question. Are we now only as good as our most recent viral spike, or is there still a higher purpose for the blogger-spheer survivor? And for the dead, should their websites be maintained ad infinitum?

Well, thankfully, this author is not dead yet... and education remains center stage in his circus of life. Phones with web access follow his students from class to class. Facebook mesmerizing has replaced textbook memorizing. All of life's wisdom is being reduced to micro-bit video bites and this may even be good. Perhaps, learningfamily, and the fun of intellectual and spiritual exploration retains its resonance, long after our sacred technology has stopped her insipid humming.