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Getting Organized

OK. Time for a review!

  1. Carefully read through Yahoo! Search for anything you still don't understand.

  2. Next: Bookmark those great new web pages for future reference.
    Check in the menu under Bookmarks in Netscape
    or for Favorites in Internet Explorer.

    Tip #1: Using keyboard commands speeds up your surfing.
    Netscape and Microsoft browsers will bookmark by these key commands.
    Control D for Windows
    Command D for Macintosh

  3. Next: Edit your bookmarks from time to time!

    To speed up access to your bookmark collection try using these key combinations:

    Control J for Windows Internet Explorer
    Command J for Macintosh Internet Explorer

    Control B for Windows Netscape
    Command B for Macintosh Netscape

  4. Next: For better searching approach your subject from different angles.
    Choose two or three different search words for each topic. . .

    Tip #2: and watch your spelling!

For Spelling and word searches try these special links.

The Virtual Reference Desk

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