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Getting Good at Searching the Web
1 Study Yahoo's Basic and Advanced Search Functions.
Google's Basics of Search, Interpreting Results and Advanced Search Tips
will further clarify the subtleties of searching.
2 Learn to search in other languages. At the bottom of the Yahoo! page,
experiment with the many local language engines.
You will need special fonts for most languages.
Customize your Google Search Results,
like most bigger search engines, customizing facilitates multilingual searches.
3 Image
searches are fun, try Google Image Search and enjoy a new way to research.
4 FTP File Transfer Protocol searches will direct you to folders filled with files,
such as applications, documents, pictures, etc., which may be downloaded.
This is also the path used for up-loading web pages, like the one you are reading, to the Host Server .
But before trying FTP be sure your anti-virus software is updated and it scans anything you download.
Computer Virus FAQ for New Users
5 Usenet (Discussion on the web, the network of web users)
and you will enter into a list of chat environments...
Google Groups and other Usenet sites are a place where people discuss various topics
(anything you can imagine) freely.
You also enter an information-rich arena froth with dangers, so before you
get in too deep, remember to restrict who you give personal information to.
Some odd characters reside on Usenet and the language they use is raw at best.
Usenet Resources

Usenet basics from your guide to Internet for Beginners
6 Newscrawlers search to pinpoint all the articles on specific themes.
Every speciality has websites dedicated to providing the latest information available on the internet.
Visit 'MacInJapan' News Services for many examples in the speciality of Apple Computers.
Experiment with your favorite speciality by running a search for news on your topic.

How the Usenet News Protocols Work
7 Small Biz is a catch all phrase for what was once Yellow Pages (for companies and stores),
and White Pages People Search (for finding people's numbers and addresses)
Most search Engines have commercial sites they promote, and directories for finding products.
Researches must learn to distinguish between commercial opinion
(the company's point of view designed for product promotion),
amateur sites like this one (which express the point of view of an individual),
and more authoritative sites (legally and ethically responsible, producing a balanced and qualified view).

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