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"If you open each of them in a separate browser window instead of as a "straight" link, you can submit your URL more rapidly than you could by going to one at a time. While one submission is being accepted, you can return here, open a new browser window on another site, and start that submission before the first one is finished." - Robin Miller


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"If you use AddWeb, or any other software, to submit your URL to hundreds of minor directories and "free for all links" pages, use a separate, throwaway e-mail address, not your real one. Many of these sites are run by MLM and other get-rich people who use your submission as a way to get your e-mail address so they can spam you... (you can get) in-depth information on search engine promotion tactics from Search Engine Watch. There's a $44 annual subscription fee for some of the site's features, but it's well worth paying for any large-scale, promotion-oriented website owner. "

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Ten Commandments of Successful ECommerce Sites in Wired 8.04:

  1. Memorable Name. Short, intuitive, easy to spell names work best, and often times the URL is synonymous with the name of the company. Virtual Vineyards was nice, but Wine.com is even better.
  2. Quick-Loading Graphics. There are numerous techniques to format images so that they don't take eons to load. Learn them. Slow-loading graphics are a universal pet peeve.
  3. Clear Navigation. Visitors to your site will be grateful for clear, simple navigation. Don't put them off by leading them to a dead end, and make sure the navigation choices are consistent on every page.
  4. Up-To-Date Content. You wouldn't sell Christmas trees in February; the same goes for websites. Don't post content that is clearly out of date.
  5. Goal-Oriented Functions. Make it easy for people to get what they want. If the site sells products, make the shopping cart prominent. If it distributes software, put the download button front and center.
  6. Readable on Any Browser. Keep in mind that internet users come in all shapes and sizes, and what looks graceful on state-of-the-arts equipment might not display well on another browser.
  7. Feedback Channel. Give people a way to get in touch with the company so they can ask questions, make suggestions, and give additional helpful feedback.
  8. Personalization. For more advanced sites, personalization is a competitive advantage. When customers take the time to define and store their preferences or wish lists, they're likely to come back.
  9. Good Customer Service. The best sites are the ones that make good on their promises. No amount of bells and whistles will make up for a missed delivery or an inferior product.
  10. Personal Help. Don't expect FAQs to answer every question; they rarely do. Give people the option of contacting a live person for help - and take advantage of that opportunity to connect with customers.
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