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Web Page Promotion
Ideas, Gimmicks, & Issues of Quality
compiled by Robert L. Seltman
from a variety of web and print sources

To understand better web site promotion, register your web pages at search engines. There are commercial operations which will do this for you, or you can just play around here, by registering to a wide variety of search engines. Try it and get a better feel for the web.

Notice how different search engines approach the URL registering process. Try to analyze the audience each engine has targeted by what they offer on their index page (usually the first page you see when you access through the front door).

Study their style. Portals often represent the cutting edge of web promotion. The way these sophisticated web companies communicate with their audience can help you define your own strategies. Follow these 20 steps as an introduction to successful self promotion. Have fun.

You can submit a site by visiting the Get Listed in Open Directory Project finding the appropriate sub-category, and following the Add URL link at the top of the page.

Add Me, FREE Website Promotion! "add me service" is an example of a company that registers your pages for you, in this case for free [Perhaps they are selling your e-mail address to advertisers or using your name as part of their readership list to show potential advertiser clients, see the warning by Robin Miller further on in this article].

The list of contact points via search engines is endless, with literally hundreds of search engines to submit to. Also each page on your site can target different audiences. You may be referenced under a variety of headings within each search site, enabling people to discovery you from a wide variety of approaches.
Continue experimenting:


Do some homework as well and learn a bit more about search engines of all kinds:
Fun, luck, and persistence will make this process work for you.

More Help with Web promotion:

Webliography of Projects and Links

Teoma - Search with Authority
In each page is a section called the header, where webpage authors place key words. These will trigger the webcrawling robots and spiders that seek out new pages for indexing. This is a science, in that you are dealing with a computer program, but also an art in that you need to outwit the system to have your page noticed first, before the countless other pages.

There are many creative ways to frame your identity, which will make it show up on searches. Do you know that many search engines will provide you with a list of the top hundred words searched at their sites? Have you considered what people may use to search for a page like yours?

When choosing your key words test them first. Run a search on these words and see if the pages that come up match your own desired audience. Search until you find pages which represent your ideal model. For example if you sold a specific product, how are your most keen competitors succeeding in your market and what search words bring you to their door. Hint: you can see their source code and read their chosen keywords. Your browser can display source code, check your menu for this option.

Add your URL to
Excite remember bigger search engine like Yahoo and Excite have many international homepages, targeting specific countries or even regions of a country. But remember, for these sites you will need to provide pages in the language of that country.

Also, each language will require different search word links and headings to attract an audience. Just because you register for Yahoo America does not necessarily mean you will be indexed at all their sites. If you want a truly international audience, you will need to take additional steps to better equip your page for each market. Most likely this will mean finding a translator fluent in the target language. Some nonprofit special interest sites will exchange translation talents with other sites specializing on a similar theme.

Here is What U Seek's site. There are many lesser known search engines. Many are upstarts that disappear over night, while others go on to being profitable portals. Watch this process and try and learn from others, to save yourself the trouble of making the same mistakes.

Join Nerd World another specialty engine. Is this your target audience?

I can not emphasize enough the importance of knowing your audience. This is what is achieved by marketing research or the ancient Greek adage of "Know Thy Self".

Next visit the big boys, the celebrities in the search engine industry Suggest a Site at Yahoo! From Standford to Billions in a few years, is this your plan as well? Google is another popular search engine used by professional researchers, as is Lycos and http://affiliates.matchmaker.com

Link to
Northern Light and then try also Web Catalog Thunderstone

LookSmart - Submit
Have you a better picture now of what words define each of your web pages? Do not advertise for services you can not provide, but instead target the exact community that will be most pleased by your site.

Updating is something which should become a regular part of your self promotion schedule. Keeping your pages relevant and updated to encourage revisits (hits) by your clientele is no easy task. Do you know who your audience actually is? What do they want in a web page? Are they looking for FREE downloads, information, stimulation, products?

Infoseek now part of Go,com
Try a little market research by using your own bookmark pages in your web browser menu. What is it about these sites that attracted you enough to want to visit them again? What services do they offer? Why do you find their pages attractive? Where do you think they have gone wrong?

Do you want to have a more formal relationship with various sites? Do you know about link rings? Are they suitable for your target audience? A Link ring is a collection of sites around a central theme, often a very specialized interest. As you explore the net observe which link circles have links to the pages you visit. This is one way to focus on a specific audience.

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