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Creating a web-based business or service
Suggested Reading

The most efficient way to learn has always been "Just do it!"
The myriad of choices involved with creating a small grassroots business or service could provide any newbie Interneter with enough experience to become a web master. Is there a service that you wish existed? Perhaps many people agree with you and you may have discovered a niche market.

Determine how much money this project should cost and proceed in a steady and focused pace. Websites can now be created for free, under the umbrella of a friend's site, at a school's site, or independently... with the student renting space on the server of a web host with the student's own domain name.

If a site proves successful it can be up graded to a larger server later, separating from the initial host. Domain names can be reserved for US$35 a year with service charges from web host averaging from free to about US$40 for set-up. All this information is easily researched on the web and is all part of the learning experience. Completely review the information and links provided here at Lov-e.com and
good luck.

What to read while your getting started

E-Market News and Research has flourished as companies attempt to better exploit the commercial potential of the web. There have been many fine examples of failure among the few success stories.

"BURN RATE How I survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet" by Michael Wolff is a popular well written thriller of the author's own experiences among the venture capitalists and the internal workings of net industry.

Reading frequently the trade journals, all freely available on the web, is highly recommended and quite interesting. As the industry swings wildly on the stock exchange and new technologies appear overnight there is seldom a news lull.

Sample Sources of Internet News available to the Web Entrepreneur


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