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From Cookie Central.
When you need to pass some snippet of information to another system to make it do something, how do you do it? If you're on the Web or some other network, you use a cookie (also known as a magic cookie). The cookie is a text file saved in your browser's directory or folder and stored in RAM while your browser is running. Most of the information in a cookie is pretty mundane stuff, but some Web sites use cookies to store personal preferences. (MSN, and Netscape all have personalization processes that use cookies to store information). If you want to see what information is stored in your cookie file, use a text editor or a word processor to open a file called cookies.txt or MagicCookie in your browser's folder or directory.. . (For a comprehensive lesson on Cookies visit Cookie Central).

When visiting Cookie Central don't miss David Whalen's FAQ.

Who is defending your rights against Cookies?

Visit the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and check out their links.

Action Groups and Sharewares

$15 Shareware from Kookaburra Software, a developer of software for the Microsoft Windows environment.

Junk Busters will teach you how to disable cookies and why this may be important to you, plus they provide many other services, below is an example.

The Internet isn't an easy place to keep your privacy, but a few Web sites help.

1. Use Junk Buster's free Internet Junkbuster proxy to remove unwanted cookies and other sensitive headers (as well as banner ads).
2. Surfing through the (LPWA) Lucent Personalized Web Assistant conceals your computer's IP address, and adds some neat privacy features. The Anonymizer also removes cookies and adds ads and delays, unless you pay.
3. Other add-on products also reduce the amount of personal information that your surfing discloses.
4. Tell organizations not to sell or share the information they collect about you. JUNKBUSTERS DECLARE makes this easy by drafting the letters for you.
5. To warn visitors to your home page about the risks explained here, you are welcome to add a sentence like ``You can be tracked from your mouse clicks'' with a link to Junk Buster's demonstration URL ( ). [See examples ]

Junk Busters services follow the principle that information about people should be made visible to those people and be approved by them. And we don't push cookies.

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