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Fortune Telling Cards for having fun while learning English

This page, along with the other three pages in this series, can be printed out and cut into separate cards, or students may simple cut a sheet of paper into 36 equal size pieces and number each from 1 to 36. Using these pages as a reference guide, students can discuss their own fortunes and the possible implications for their future. A page describing the way to lay out the cards is linked here and can also be printed out for instruction.

10: The Children
Many lasting friendships.

11: The Snake
Great Misfortune due to the thoughtlessness of someone believed to be a friend.

12: The Rider
Brings good luck unless surrounded by bad luck cards.

13: The Letter
Near the Cloud card 20 worrisome news will come; if at a distance, luck will come from afar.

14: The Queen
Represents the women having her cards read. For a man this is the woman he likes most.

15: The King
Represents the man having his cards read. For a woman this is the man she likes most.

16: The Lilies
Long and happy life. If above, the subject has high standards. When below watch all actions to avoid sarrow.

17: The Stork
Change of residence and advancement in business.

18: The Ring
To the right, a rich and happy marriage. To the left, unhappy marriage or loss of a friendship.

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