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Fortune Telling Cards for having fun while learning English

This page, along with the other three pages in this series, can be printed out and cut into separate cards, or students may simple cut a sheet of paper into 36 equal size pieces and number each from 1 to 36. Using these pages as a reference guide, students can discuss their own fortunes and the possible implications for their future. A page describing the way to lay out the cards is linked here and can also be printed out for instruction.

1: The Sun
A sign of good luck and happiness.

2: The Moon
Predicts honor and happiness, though when at a distance from the subject can mean worries. If the sun is near, this will be lightened.

3: The House
Success in all life's efforts. Near the subject can mean engagement or marriage.

4: The Keys
Near the subject a wish will be fulfilled; at a distance the wish will not be granted.

5: The Sick Person
Great Misfortune. If this card is near 21: The Dog it means loss of a friend.

6: The Flowers
Happiness. When near the subject's card it means a new unexpected friend.

7: The Scythe
Warning of great danger. The danger can be avoided if lucky cards are nearby.

8: The Pig
Good luck and success. Near 36 business success. Near 10 or 17 lucky family affairs. Near 18, 30, 31, or 35 lucky personal matters. By 13 or 34 future good luck.

9: The Fox
Beware of acquaintances. A treacherous person is near. If the card is far away the schemer will fail.

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