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Human Rights

15 Recommended Lov-e Links
Fun while learning:
Art for the World
Consortium for Health and Human Rights
International Save the Children Alliance
AAAS Human Rights Action Network
WITNESS-Human Rights Video Advocacy
Further insights: Freedom House
Atlantic Human Rights Centre
Advocacy Institute
More Favorites: National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
America's Development Foundation
American Friends Service Committee
British Helsinki Human Rights Group
Canadian Human Rights Foundation

International Human Rights Organizations
Human Rights Studies Program - Columbia University
Human Rights Watch
IGC Internet Progressive Gateway
Int'l Centre for Criminal Law Reform & Justice Policy

Witness for Peace
New Brunswick Human Rights Commission
Scholars at Risk Network

Amnesty International Campaigns
Amnesty International Volunteer

Africa Action Home Page
African Human Rights Resource Center
Derechos - Human Rights in Africa

Asian Human Rights Commission
Canada Tibet Committee
Human Rights in China
International Tibet Independence Movement
Watch Indonesia!

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation

Middle East
Arab Association for Human Rights
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Gaza Students Campaign for Academic Freedom

Central America
Guatemala Human Rights Commission - USA

Anti-Slavery International
Baltimore Anti-Slavery Society

Queensland Program of Assistance to Torture Survivors
World Organization Against Torture

Latin American Human Rights Publications
Argentina Human Rights Information
Nobel Prize Winner Fights for Human Rights
Street Children in Latin America

Latin American Human Rights Organizations
Ampara ao Menor Carente
Fray Bartolom de las Casas
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization
Mission Civile Internationale en Haiti
National Coordinator for Human Rights
Project Disappeared

Human Rights Watch
Derechos Human Rights
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
UN and Status of Women
Burma Action Group - University of Washington
Canadian Human Rights Reporter
Committee to Protect Journalists
Communications and Training Center
Consortium of Health & Human Rights
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
Crosspoint Anti Racism
Derechos - Human Rights in Nigeria
Global Fund for Women

Human Rights Education Associates
Human Rights for Workers
Human Rights in Western Sahara
Human Rights Internet
Human Rights Library
Human Rights Web
Int'l Assoc. for Religious Freedom
Mental Disability Rights Int'l
National Endowment for Democracy
Nike Watch - Oxfam Australia
Peace Brigades International
Proyecto Desaparecidos
Survival International
Vanished Gallery
Witness Project

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