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Helping Others

Youth Activism Sites
Youthlink - strong defenders of youth rights and the creators of the Youth in Action Campaign
Do Something - challenges youth to take action in their local communities
YES! - Youth for Environmental Sanity - resources and ideas about how to create a positive future
Envirolink - an enormous library of environmental info
SEAC - Student Environmental Action Coalition - organizing for environmental and social justice
One Day Foundation - gives opportunities for creating a global youth movement
SSC - Sierra Student Coalition - a network of college environmental activists of Sierra Club
Haven - a site that connects both lifelong learning and deep ecology
ACLU - the American Civil Liberties Union - legal action to defend the rights of youth

Center for Responsive Politics

Center for Third World Organizing

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Citizens for Tax Justice

Union of Concerned Scientists

People for the American Way

Feminist Majority Foundation

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

United Auto Workers


Peace Activism

Physicians for Social Responsibility

National Organization for Women (DC Office)

National Lawyers Guild


Labor Party

Common Cause

American Association of University Women

Nation of Aztlan

Medical Students For Choice

WESUNITY- A Resource for Activists


Non-Profit Web

Campus Ecology

Find Pollution Sources in Your Zip Code area

Organizations at Essential.ORG

Public Search

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Economic Policy Institute

Human Rights Watch

Kids for a Clean Environment

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