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Peace and Conflict

World's Smallest Political Quiz

15 Recommended Lov-e Links
Fun while learning:
Medecines Sans Frontieres
The World Revolution
One Day Foundation
Peace Corps
Peace Jam
Further insights: Physicians for global Survival (Canada)
Project Ploughshares
Thousand Cranes Peace Network
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
More Favorites: Hague Appeal for Peace
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
World Citizens
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - USA
Irish Peace Process - CAIN Project

Peace Movements
International Peace Bureau
World Hello Day
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
Science for Peace
Theory of Postmodern Warfare

Conflict Research Consortium - University of Colorado
American-Iranian Council
Interventionism Reconsidered - Commonwealth Institute
Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict
CISAC Center for International Security and Cooperation
Global Action to Prevent War
Project Ploughshares - Canada
International Alert

Disarmament and Peace Movements in South Asia
For a Non-Nuclear South Asia
MIND - Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament

Middle East Peace Process
Council for National Interest Homepage
Mideast Peace Process
Multinational Force and Observers

Northern Ireland Peace Process

Search for Peace - BBC News
Tony Blair's Speech to the Irish Parliament
CNN - Northern Ireland Peace Talks April 9, 1998

Peace Movements Focused on the Balkan States
Balkans Anti-War and Human Rights Resources

Relief Efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina
CARE in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Conflict Resolution Academic Programs
Eastern Mennonite Univ. - Conflict Transformation
Earlham College - Peace and Global Studies
George Mason University - Conflict Resolution
Montclair State University - Dispute Resolution
George Washington University - Peace Studies
Syracuse University - Conflict Resolution
Univ. of Denver - Conflict Resolution
Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Peace Studies

International Peace and Security Educational Institutes
Center for War/Peace Studies
Centre for Peace & Development Studies - U. of Limerick
Department of Peace Studies - Bradford University
Hiroshima Peace Institute
Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies
Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies New Delhi India
Martin Institute - University of Idaho
PAWSS Peace and World Security Studies
Peacemaking and Conflict Studies - Fresno Pacific U.
Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research
World Policy Institute

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