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World Resources Institute
Alberta's Endangered Species
Bagheera's Lair
Buffalo Nations
Care For The Wild
Econet - Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Endangered Species - US Fish and Wildlife Service
Endangered Species Act of 1973
Endangered Species in Endangered Spaces
MSN Encarta - Endangered Species
MSN Encarta - Nature Conservancy
Return of the Species
Natural Heritage Network
Out in Montana
Species Survival Network CITES Conference
The Xerces Society
Threatened and Endangered Wildlife & Plants
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's CITES Page
US National Wildlife Refuge System


Bird Monitoring in North America
BirdLife South Africa
Birds: Our Environmental Indicators
California Condor Restoration
Hawk Watch International
International Crane Foundation
Magnificant Whooping Crane Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Peregrine Fund
Redberry Lake World Biosphere Reserve
Western Wildlife

Aust. Network Plant Conservation
Center for Plant Conservation
Natural Heritage Network
Other Plant Conservation Sites

Marine Life

Aquatic Conservation Network
Bottlenose Dolphins
Dolphin Synergy
Endangered Species Program
Environment Education - Species
International Whaling Convention
Marine Mammals
MSN Encarta - Manatee
Protected Marine Species
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sea Shepherd Organization
Watershed Stewards Project
Whale Adoption Project
Whales on the Net
Wurld Wild Web - Marine Mammals

Reptiles & Amphibians

Great Lakes Declining Amphibians
Striped Legless Lizard
Terrestrial Salamander Monitoring

Refuges for Endangered Wildlife

US Wildlife Areas
National Wildlife Refuge System
Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
Cabeza Prieta National Refuge
Gorilla Haven
Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge
Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge
Red Rocks Lakes Nat Wildlife Refuge
Rolling Hills Refuge
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge


Australian Butterfly Sanctuary
Journal of Insect Conservation
Spider Conservation Links
The Xerces Society

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