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Helping Others

Youth Activism Sites from http://www.youthpower.net/yplinks.htm

ISAA - International Student Activism Alliance - student action freedom in all levels of society
Youthlink - strong defenders of youth rights and the creators of the Youth in Action Campaign
Do Something - challenges youth to take action in their local communities
YES! - Youth for Environmental Sanity - resources and ideas about how to create a positive future
Envirolink - an enormous library of environmental info
SEAC - Student Environmental Action Coalition - organizing for environmental and social justice
CCO - Center for Campus Organizing - center to help build the student movement on campuses
One Day Foundation - gives opportunities for creating a global youth movement
SSC - Sierra Student Coalition - a network of college environmental activists of Sierra Club
Haven - a site that connects both lifelong learning and deep ecology
Brat - an organization and zine supporting a wide range of youth activism
The Youth in Action Network - ideas and challenges for youth who want to shape the future
ACLU - the American Civil Liberties Union - legal action to defend the rights of youth

Student Activism
& Rights Sites

Youth Rights: Yahoo Category

National Youth Rights Association

Youth Speak


Legal Information Institute

Student Press Law Center

Rutherford Institute

American Civil Rights Union

Libertarian Rock






the counterpoint


New Designs

ISAA Archive

YouthLinks Database

Enviromental Activism

Bringing Spirit into Action

East Timor Action Network


The Earthtimes

Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now

The Youth Tree

The Greenculture

Teen People


Student Leader Magazine

Sierra Student Coalition

National Wildlife Federation - Campus Ecology

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Human Rights Watch

Environmental Youth Alliance

Kids for a Clean Environment

American-Arab Anti-Disrimination Committee

Center for Defense Information

Feminist Majority Foundation


Jewish Organizing Institute

Military Spending Working Group

Military Spending Working Group

National Council of La Raza

National People's Campaign

People for the American Way

Union of Concerned Scientists

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Responsive Politics

Center for Third World Organizing

Citizens for Tax Justice

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

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Electronic Policy Network

Environmental Working Group

Institute for Policy Studies Leadership Toolbox

The Loka Institute

National Priorities Project

Twentieth Century Fund


Corporate Watch

Free Burma Coalition

Columbia Support Network

Homes Not Jails - Boston

Impacto 2000

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Nation of Aztlan

Quixote Center

Progressive Action Coalition

Fight the Contract

Action Coalition for Soc. Just.

Finding Common Ground

Page for Ernesto T. Mireles

Progressive Action Network

Feminist Collective Force Home Page

Medical Students For Choice

WESUNITY- A Resource for Activists

Tenure's possible demise at some U. S. universities

THE FUTURE IS OURS: A Handbook for Student Activists in the 21st Century


Non-Profit Web

Activists' Center for Training In Organizing and Networking (ACTION)

Campus Ecology

Coalition building

Internet Nonprofit Center

Find Pollution Sources in Your Zip Code area

WebActive: What's New in Activism Online

Communications for a Sustainable Future

Contact Center Network

EnviroWeb, A Project of the EnviroLink Network

Macrocosm USA Home Page

Central Links Station

Activist Directories

Meta-Index for Non-Profit Organizations and Job Bank

Organizations at Essential.ORG

Progressive Directory @igc

Project South

Public Search

Student Activism Links

Vegetarian Pages


Select Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet

Women's Rights Organizations

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Economic Policy Institute

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AFL-CIO Union Summer

Citizen Action

American Civil Liberties Union Student Program

Amnesty International USA

CDF Student Leadership Network for Children

Center for Environmental Citizenship

College Democrats of America

Democratic Socialists of America Youth Section

MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Atzlan)

National Association for Public Interest Law Chapters

180 Move for Democracy & Education

Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs)

Student Environmental Action Coalition

Students for a Free Tibet

Students for Responsible Business

Student Peace Action Network

Student Pugwash

US Student Association

United Students Against Sweatshops

American Association of University Professors

American Association of University Women

National Adjunct Faculty Guild

Teachers for a Democratic Culture

American Student Political Network

Feminist Law Student Website

Progressive Law Students

SpeakOut! Artists and Speakers Bureau

American Civil Liberties Union Student Program

Corporate Accountability Project

Common Cause

Center for Ethics and Environmental Policy

Labor Party


National Lawyers Guild

New Party

National Organization for Women (DC Office)

Peace Action

Peace Activism

Physicians for Social Responsibility


United Auto Workers

War Resisters League

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