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"Us and Them"

Immigration, Nazism, Xenophobia, Nationalism

CEMES - Centre for European Migration and Ethnic Studies

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Fun while learning:
CFMW - Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers
BEYOND THE PALE: Nazism and the Holocaust
Global Exchange
World's Indigenous Woman's Network
Further insights: Diversity-onLine; news stories on racism and xenophobia from IMRAX
Chiapas, Expulsions, EZLN, Zapatista, Solidarity, Revolution, xenophobia,
Media Island International
Poisoning the Web
Brotherly Love - and Hate
More Favorites: Nazism Exposed Project,
Disable Hotline
The Student Center,

Ethnic & Immigration Studies

Australian National University - CIMS Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, The CEIFO European Research Ctr on Migration and Ethnic Relations Forced Migration Projects International Journal of Refugee Law IOM - Migration Web Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Merger Migration and Ethnic Relations Migration Themes National Forum on People's Differences One World One People Rural Migration News Standards Univ. of Calgary - Canadian Ethnic Studies Association Univ. of Calif., Berkeley - Dept. of Ethnic Studies Univ. of Minnesota - Immigration History Research Ctr Univ. of Minnesota - Immigration History Research Ctr Univ. of Montreal - Centre for Ethnic Studies Univ. of Virginia - Crossing the River Univ. of Virginia - Crossing the River Univ. of Warwick - CRER Uppsala University - Centre for Multiethnic Research
Minority Issues and Human Rights

Indian Nationalism
General Report 1998 : Racism and xenophobia)
U.S. Delegation Commission on Human Rights
International cross cultural communications
Seva Foundation - Compassion in Action
Welcome to Soulutions NOW
Center for Human Rights Legal Aid
Survivors International
A The Universal Society
Human Rights 1998 Celebration

RFI Imagine
5.18 Kwangju May18 Democratic Uprising
Radical Positivism
Penal Reform International PRI
International Action Center - Los Angeles
Pennsylvania Refugee Independence Network
Internl Women's Human Rights Org. MADRE
Refugee Transitions Home Page Gray Panthers
BHHRG - British Helsinki Human Rights Group
World Organisation Against Torture WOAT

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