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15 Recommended Lov-e Links
Fun while learning:
Kali for Women
Women in Refrigerators
Sunshine for Women - Links Galore!
Women of Color Web
Further insights: Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Why Women Still Need Affirmative Action
Mood Disorders in Women - Mental Health Net
NOW and Violence Against Women
Gender Issues on the Internet
More Favorites: Women of the World Unite
Int'l Training Center for Women
Sexual Assault Information
Feminism and Women's Studies
Gender Inn
For Men

Assault and Abuse

Sexual Abuse of Males
Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery
Domestic Violence
Husband Battering
Male Sexual Abuse Recovery
Men and Abuse
Men's Rape Prevention Project
Rape of Males
Sexual Assault & Rape - Advice for Men
Stop Abuse For Everyone
Stop it Now!
Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.
The Family Violence Prevention Fund
The Rape Crisis Behind Bars


A Man's Life - Family
About.com - Fatherhood
At-Home Dad - ParentsPlace.com
Center For Successful Fathering
CPF - The Fatherhood Coalition
Dadmans Fathers' Rights
DADS Against Discrimination
Father to Father
Father's Rights
Father's World
Fatherhood & Fatherlessness
Fatherhood Project
Fathering Magazine
Fathers Rights Foundation
Fathers' Forum
Fathers' Resource Center
Four-Fold Fathering
Friends for Choice for Men
It's Just Another Baby
Men's Issues
Men's Media Network
National Center for Fathering
National Fatherhood Initiative
Single & Custodial FathersNetwork
United Fathers of America
Women for Fatherhood

Health and Sexuality

Men's Health Issues
Healthy Devil
Men's Health

Men's Issues

Manhood Online
Men's Defense Association
Men's Rights, Inc.
Misogyny Unlimited
Principle of Accountability
Real Men
What are Men's Issues?

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Women In Animation Postcards
Blue Mountain - Women

Gender Issues

AS@UVA Yellow Pages: Gender Studies
Gender and the Law
Gender Issues
Gender-Free Pronoun FAQs
Gender-Related Electronic Forums
MSN Encarta - Sexism
MSN Encarta - Transvestism
Non-sexist Language
Sugar,Spice and other Obstacles
The Ladies Room
Toys, Colors, & the Invisible Sexism
Violence Against Women Act of 1994


Female Empowerment Ring
Female Wisdom
Feminism&Women's Resources
Feminist Chronicles:1953-1993
Feminist Heaven - Oklahoma Women Organizing for Change
Feminist Law Students' Page
Feminist Majority Foundation
Feminist Theory and Jurisprudence
Feminists for Free Expression
Gender Issues Research Center
Images of Feminism
International History
Living the Legacy: Women's Rights
Women's Issues
Women's Rights

Women- Global Perspective

UN and Status of Women
Center for Women's Global Leadership
Cultural Theory
Ewha Women's Studies
Network of East-West Women
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
NOW & Global Feminism
Sea Change - Virtual Sisterhood
Third World Women
UN's WomenWatch
Women for Women International
Women of the World
Women's 3rd World Issues - About.com
Women's Rights - One Year On

Men's Movements

Manhood Online
Men's Issues Page
Men's Movement Organizations
Peer Leadership Australia
What are Men's Issues?
Men For Change
Men Stopping Violence
Men's Network for Change
National Coalition of Free Men
National Organization for Men
Heartland Men's Conference
The Nation of Men
Concerned Black Men
Promise Keepers
The Circle Brotherhood Association
Women Groups and Info

Women's Careers and Professional
Working Women
Digital Women
Bradstreet, Anne - Notable Women Poet
Yokohama Women's Assoc. for Communication & Networking
Women.com - Small Business
Women of the Road
Women Writers.com
Women in Endocrinology
Women's Job Net
Banner Women
IEEE Women in Engineering
UN4thWorld Conf.onWomen
Women In Technology
Women's Funding Network
Women's Studies: Conferences
Advancing Women
Federally Employed Women
Black Women's Manifesto
Women's Health Hot Line
Women of Color in Corporate Management
Tips for Women Working Overseas
Women's Liberation Documents
Women Rap About Sex
Minnesota Women's Press
Empowering Women in Medicine
Williams, Maxine - Black Women's Liberation
Butler, Josephine E - Appeal to the Women of America
Celebration of Women Writers
CA - Women's Philharmonic
Fourth World Conference on Women
Heiros Gamos Guide to Women and the Law
Feminism and Women's Literature
Hill, Mariana - Elvis' Women
Women and the Gothic
Medieval Women
Martin, Susan - Women of Rome
Voice of the Shuttle: Women's Studies & Feminist Theory
Women's Bureau
European Institute of Women's Health - Lung Cancer
Women's Resource Project
Women Writers Project
Women's Studies Periodicals
Women's U.
Women in Publishing
Mysterious Women
Works by Women
Legend of Good Women,
Women's National Book Assoc.
Facts on Working Women
Victorian British Women Romantic Poets
Pyrrhus and Phoenician Women
Women Romantic Writers
18th Century -Women Poets
USC's Fisher Gallery - Women in Japanese Prints
MSN Encarta - Employment of Women

Global Issues Text-Only Tour

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