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Introduction to Lov-e.com's Global Issues Links

Why learn about the troubles of the world?
Why talk about it in English?

Hopefully this course will help answer these and other questions.

These notes have been organized around the book You, Me and the World a course book in communicative English for global citizenship by David Peaty.

This internet course on global issues is designed to be independent of the text or work in conjuction with it, the choice is yours.

Effective use of the internet, news media, and reading will provide a great deal of information on world affairs. Participation in community volunteer activities and discussion groups can also help broaden our perspective.

The key is applying this new global awareness immediately in conversation. By articulating our feelings we may move to a more positive activism. Once engaged, our life and language will expand to meet our new horizon. The world's issues will become our own, as we become part of the greater global family.

To begin this course students working in a classroom setting will need fundemental skills in classroom English
and self introduction; Cocktail Party English

What to say; for more variations and comments click on each question.
You didn't hear: Sorry, could you say that again, please?
You don't understand: Sorry, I don't understand. Could you explain that?
You don't know
the answer:
Sorry, I don't know.
Someone is speaking
too fast:
Excuse me, could you speak a little more slowly, please?
You hear a new word: Excuse me, what does ... mean?
Excuse me, could you spell that, please?

Don't just keep quiet.
To understand why being silent is a problem, click here.

Note to Teachers
For a sample of the information provided as a supplement to this introduction for a English as a Second Language content basesed class at the Japanese university Ritsumeikan please review:

A Sample Introduction for Students

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