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Game Three
Taking Leaps by Stepping In and Blissing Out
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Buddhism uses the word Sangha to describe a community of like-minded seekers who ban together in order to provide mutual support and guidance. More often than not there is a spiritual leader, a master either in the flesh or in memory, but for the Sangha the strength is in community. There is tremendous power in the sharing of aspirations and working together as autonomous yet inter-related beings.

Communities grounded in love, with clear and worthwhile objectives, can facilitate, where being one-against-the-world can not. Though it is hard to surrender to a collective, there is extraordinary advantages to be had, when we take the leap of working with others, stepping into a fresh way of appraising reality, and blissing out in that luscious frontier of spiritual ecstacy.

Choosing such communities is no easy task. But we must be more careful our fears of the unknown do not imprison us, in a nonplus psychological prison... A mind game that creates a boring and untrue maxim, such as life is somehow tedious and unproductive and we must suffer our fate alone.

If this is happening to you, consider the possibility of growing, enjoying, and learning, as you once did before. But do it in a context different from where you have been before. Muster the courage to venture normalcy for a walk on the wild side.

Reach out, seek out, join, and then allow the new, to bring you back home to happiness.

Here is a list of people who light each other on fire.
While some may cause you to run for cover, others may be just what your inner doctor ordered.
Venture in and taste again the good life.

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The backdrop photo is of the Swiss scientist Peter Eggenberger
standing while talking with the author. Photo by Sandra Hotz.