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    Global Issues Books and Resources

    Lists On the Net

    For more comprehensive book lists I suggest you search under specific categories,
    for example 'human rights', 'air polution', 'ecology'.



    Teacher's Corner Facing the Future People and the Planet

    Global Issues in Language Education Newsletter

    Global Issues Books from Third World.org

    WISDOM: Knowledge & Literature Search from Thinkers.net

    Global issues and Ecological Spirituality New Age Perspective

    Below is a list prepared several years ago, and has not been updated recently.
    Most likely some of these resources are no longer easily available.


    Rainforests Resource Pack (Oxford Univ. Press & WWF)
    The Green Classroom (Pembroke)
    Earthalert (board game)
    Pollution-Solution (board game)
    Green Teacher magazine
    (from 95 Robert Street, Toronto ONM5S 2K5
    or PO Box 1431, Lewiston, NY 14092)
    Rainforests (Oxford Univ. Press & WWF)


    An Introduction to Intermediate Technology
    (Intermediate Technology, UK Fax 0788 540270)
    Behind the Headlines (Malvern Third World Centre, UK)
    Can Development be Measured? (Action Aid)
    Cities: A Better Life? (CWDE)
    Dialogue for Development (Trocaire)
    Exploring the Third World (American Forum)
    Food First Curriculum (IFDP) Grades 4-8
    Food First Books, 145, 9th St, San Francisco CA 94103
    Refugees: We left because we had to (The Refugee Council, UK)
    ISBN 0 946787 04 2
    Tourism: Who Benefits & Who Pays? (BDEC)
    Towards a Peace & Development Education (Maryknoll Sisters, Tokyo)

    Teachers' Guides and Aids

    The Green Classroom (Pembroke)


    Creativity: activities for raising awareness of global issues
    (Y Care International)
    Earth alert
    Global Futures Game (Earthrise)
    Hungry Decisions (simulations for poor farmers)
    Discipleship Resources, PO Box 840, Nashville, TN 37202
    Pollution Solution (a board game)
    Teaching about Global Awareness with Simulations & Games (CTIR)
    The Trading Game (showing how trade affects a nation's prosperity)
    St. Philip (tourist development on a 3rd World island)
    Towards a Peace & Development Education (Mary Knoll Sisters)
    Trading Trainers Game (CAFOD/Christian Aid)
    from Christian Aid, PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT


    B'nai B'rith: Human Relations Materials for the School
    832 United Nations Plaza, New York NY 10017
    Center for Teaching International Relations Catalogue
    University of Denver, CTIR Publications,
    2199 S University Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80208
    Minority Rights Group publications
    379 Brixton Road, London SW9 7DE
    Sierra Club Books, order from Random House
    Social Studies School Service Catalogues
    (Global Education; Multi-cultural Studies)
    10200 Jefferson Boulevard, Room Y2 PO Box 802
    Culver City, CA 90232-0802
    SPICE (Stanford Program on International & Cross Cultural Education)
    Institute for International Studies, Littlefield Center, Room 14C,
    Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5013
    Tide (Teachers in Development Education)
    Development Education Centre, Gillet Centre,
    998 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6LE, England
    Trocaire, Catholic Agency for World Development,
    169 Booterstown Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Eire
    UN University Press
    53-70 Jingumae 5 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150
    Tel 03-3499-2811
    Worldaware (for British National Curriculum)
    31-35 Kirby Street, London EC1N8TE Fax 0171 831 3844


    A World in our Hands (Peace Child International)
    About the UN, written & illustrated by teenagers
    Brother Eagle Sister Sky (Dial Books, New York)
    (also available in Japanese)
    Christian Aid Factsheets
    CWDE Country sheets & Choices sheets
    Famous Campaigners for Change (Wayland)
    Food or Famine/World Health (Wayland)
    Food First comic (IFDP)
    Cities in Crisis/The International Debt Crisis (Wayland)
    Oxford Factfiles (Animals in Danger, Recycling, Rainforests)
    Picturecology (Japan Environmental Exchange)
    The Blue Peter Green Book (BBC)
    Thin Black Lines cartoons (Dev't Education Center)
    Think About the Environment (Walker)
    Refugees: We left because we had to (The Refugee Council)
    The Man Who Planted Trees (Kirihara Shoten)
    Too Hot to Handle? (Corgi)

    EFL/ESL from International publishers

    Education For Peace & Development (Maryknoll Sisters, Tokyo)
    Environment Today (Longman)
    Focus on the Environment (Prentice-Hall)
    Global Views (Heinle & Heinle)
    Greening (Prentice Hall Regents)
    Our Environment (Heinemann)
    Teaching Writing Skills: a Global Approach Denver (CTIR)
    The Green World Dossier (Macmillan)
    Speaking Globally (PHR)
    What in the World (PHR)

    EFL MATERIALS by Japanese publishers


    Another Green World (Kinseido)
    Cherish Our Planet (Keirinkan)
    Crisis in the Global Environment (Kenkyusha)
    Earthwatch (Prentice-Hall) with video
    Ecology and Economy (Sanshusha)
    Energy & Environment (Kinseido)
    Environmental Issues (Macmillan Language House)
    Environment Today (Longman)
    Environmentally Yours (Macmillan Language House)
    Fact or Fiction: Environmental Issues & Japan (Yumi Press)
    Fifty Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth (Earthworks)
    Focus on the Environment (Prentice-Hall) with video
    Green Issues (Kirihara)
    Just Look At the Endangered Earth (Shohakusha)
    Living on the Planet Earth (Kirihara) for SHS
    Only One Earth (Kirihara) for SHS
    One World English, by David Spencer for JHS
    (See GILE Newsletter #21 p.18)
    Our Environment (Heinemann)
    Our Planet, Our Future (Seibido)
    Our Precious Earth (Seibido)
    Oxford Fact Files: Rainforests, Recycling, Animals in Danger
    Picturecology (Japan Environmental Exchange) for SHS
    Save Our Planet (Nanundo)
    Saving Our Planet (Nanundo)
    Silent Spring (Eihosha)
    66 Ways To Save the Earth (Nanundo)
    The Blue Peter Green Book (BBC/Sainsburys) for SHS
    The Green World Dossier (Macmillan)
    The Man Who Planted Trees (Kirihara) 450 Yen for SHS
    The Student Environmental Action Guide (Tsurumi Shoten)
    Thinking About the Environment (Macmillan)
    Tropical Rainforests, by Martin. (Macmillan UK)
    Waribashi and Disappearing Rainforests (Sanyusha)
    Where on Earth Are We Going? (Asahi)

    Note: There are other books focusing on global issues with a few units on
    the environment e.g. Our World (Longman/Eichosha); The Real World
    (Kirihara); Global Perspectives (Kinseido) etc.

    Other global issues

    A Peaceful Earth for All (Yamaguchi)
    Citizens of the World (Kinseido)
    English and International Awareness (Nanundo)
    English Now (Kairyudo) JHS
    Freedom, Rights & Responsibility (Kinseido)
    Global Challenges (Kinseido)
    Global Issues Today (Seibido)
    Global Perspectives (Kinseido)
    Healthy Lifestyles (Eichosha)
    Human Problems of Today's World (Kinseido)
    International News (Sanshusha)
    Multiple Approaches to Communicative English (Sanshusha)
    Our World (Eichosha)
    The Future Is Now (Nanundo)
    The Meaning of Internationalization (Seibido)
    The New Order of 20th Century Chaos (Macmillan Language House)
    The Real World (Kirihara)
    Where On Earth Are We Going? (Asahi)
    Women and Men for a Better World (Seibido)
    Words to Remember (Kirihara)
    You, Me and the World (Kinseido)


    Our Future, Our Planet: The Spirit of Youth Service
    and Spaceship Earth: Our Global Environment
    Produced by WorldLink Media
    Distributed by The Video Project
    PO Box 77188
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    Tel. 415-284-0600
    Fax 415-821-7204
    e-mail: info@earthvoyage.com
    Earthwatch (ABC/Prentice Hall)
    Famine & Chronic Persistent Hunger (The Hunger Project)
    Focus on the Environment (ABC/Prentice Hall)
    The Urban Dilemma
    Earthwatch & Focus on the Environment (Regents/Prentice Hall)
    State of the World's Children (UNICEF)
    I Dream of Peace (UNICEF)
    The Hidden City (PBS)
    The Miracle Planet: the Home Planet; After the Warming;
    the Ozone Layer (Ambrose Video Publications, US)
    The Mitsubishi Boycott (Rainforest Action Network)
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (available from Amnesty)
    See also: GILE Newsletter #18 p.9.

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