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Consumer Information Center: The Food Guide Pyramid
This booklet introduces you to The Food Guide Pyramid. The Pyramid illustrates the research-based food guidance system developed by USDA and supported by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It goes beyond the "basic four food groups" to help you put the Dietary Guidelines into action.
All Spirit Fitness - Exercise Your Mind, Body...
A sense of calm comes over you just visiting this site. Yoga and nutrition are covered as well as other aspects of a healthy mind-body connection.
Nutrition Info Physical Fitness, Weight loss Tracking tools
Life Clinic's site with various tracking tools and information.

iVillage.com: The Women's Network
A Ccomprehensive look at the woman's perspective on weight and fitness.
Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0
Recipe Analysis Tool
The Recipe Analysis Tool (RAT) is a program to calculate the total nutrients in a given recipe, using an American Government database
American Obesity Association
Here you will find what we think is the most comprehensive site on obesity and overweight on the Internet. Obesity is not a simple condition of eating too much. It is now recognized that obesity is a serious, chronic disease.

Welcome to Fat Facts and Falacies
Being Whole while in a hole; The Dilemma of Fat at Fifty

A dietary supplment of
free information

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet!
Weight loss support site.
Low-Fat Recipes
The goal at Low Fat Recipes is to help you replace your old eatinghabits with nutritious, good-tasting recipes.
MEDLINEplus: Obesity
The FATFREE Recipe Collection
The searchable recipe archive contains recipes in over 50 categories, including soups, casseroles, desserts, Indian foods, and many more.
Find Vegetarian Restaurants worldwide.
USDA Nutrient Database
Does broccoli have fat? Is quinoa a good source of iron and zinc? Find out by searching the USDA nutrient database.
FAQs and General Information
Everything you always wanted to know about low fat and vegetarian diets (and more). How much fat do our bodies need to be healthy? Can you get enough fat in your diet without adding oil, and if so, where does it come from? How can a product be labeled "fat-free" and yet have oil listed in the ingredients? What does "SAD" stand for?

Objective Medical Information on Obesity
from Weight.com Michael D. Myers M.D.
Obesity Guidelines
US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institue
Understanding Adult Obesity
What is obesity? * How is obesity measured? * Body Mass Index * Body Fat Distribution: "Pears" vs. "Apples" * Causes of Obesity...
NIDDK : Health Information : Weight Loss and Control

Overweight and Obesity
Virtual Office of the US Surgeon General.

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