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Catholic Perspective on Fasting
Hence it may denote abstinence from all kinds of food and drink for a given period. Such is the nature of the fast prescribed by the Church before Holy Communion (natural fast). It may also mean such abstinence from food and drink as is dictated by the bodily or mental dispositions peculiar to each individual, and is then known as moral or philosophical fast. In like manner the term comprehends penitential practices common to various religious communities in the Church. Finally, in the strict acceptation of the term, fasting denotes abstinence from food, and as such is an act of temperance finding its raison d'etre re in the dictates of natural law and its full perfection in the requirements of positive ecclesiastical legislation.
Also St. John Chrysostom on Fasting And Penitential Fasting Is Therapy for the Soul by Pope John Paul II

Feasting and Fasting in Anglo-Saxon England
There were three forms of fasting, one which excluded the eating of certain foods, one which only allowed the eating of one limited meal a day and, the one most difficult for the modern mind and stomach, that which demanded the food should have unpalatable additions! ( We will not dwell on the latter! )

On Fasting In Opposition to the Psychics. Translated by the Rev. S. Thelwall. A look into to historical religious feelings of the fast as a sacrament balanced against our primal animalistic urges.

Juice Fasting & Water Fasting Juice fasting and water fasting are powerful tools for cleansing toxins, losing weight and self-reflection. With juice fasting you can come out a winner in a battle against cancer.

Health Research Books on Fasting Rare and Unusual Books on Fasting, Fasting Techniques and Related Topics offered by Health Research Books

Seven Basic Steps to Fasting and Prayer by Dr. Bill Bright

JUICE-FASTING CureZone.com The powerful healing therapy that no-one ever uses by Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H.

Triumph Over Disease by Fasting And Natural Diet Dr. Jack Goldstein

Open Directory Links on Fasting

BAHAI Directives From the Guardian Learn about the BahDay Fast and fasting as a spiritual discipline.

Detoxification Techniques

Erowid Spirit Vaults: Fasting

The Duty, the Benefits, and the Proper Methods of Religious Fasting by Samuel Miller Presbyterian Heritage Publications

Dangers of Fasting

FAQ - Fasting
Starvation Diet: The Fast Track To Failure!

Fasting as a gentle form of euthanasia
Fasting to a "comfortable death"

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The Diet to Die For!

A dietary supplment of
free information

Dr. Allan Cott in his book, Fasting The Ultimate Diet, explains some of the reasons why people fast. The following is a partial list...
1. To lose weight the quickest and easiest way
2. To feel better physically and mentally
3. To look and feel younger
4. To save money
5. To clean out the body
6. To give the whole system a rest
7. To lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
8. To cut down on smoking and drinking
9. To get more out of sex
10. To let the body heal itself
11. To relieve tension
12. To end dependence on drugs
13. To sleep better
14. To digest food better
15. To regulate bowels
16. To feel euphoric
17. To sharpen the senses
18. To quicken mental processes
19. To save time
20. To boost self-esteem
21. To learn better eating habits
22. To share with the hungry
23. To gain control of oneself
24. To seek spiritual revelations
25. To observe religious rites
26. To call attention to social issues
27. To slow the aging process

Nutritional Program for Fasting
from Health World Online
Fasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy. It is nature's ancient, universal "remedy" for many problems. Animals instinctively fast when ill. When I first discovered fasting, 15 years ago, I felt as if it had saved my life and transformed my illnesses into health. My stagnant energies began flowing, and I became more creative and vitally alive. I still find fasting both a useful personal tool and an important therapy for many medical and life problems.

1. Removing unnecessary weight the natural way, plus learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life (note: half of all clients, worldwide, are not fasting to lose weight);
2. Removing the 5-to-10 lbs. of toxic chemicals now locked into the average adult's cell, tissue and organ storage areas;
3. Regaining the energy you may previously have enjoyed (perhaps when you were more athletic);
4. Enhancing your innate wisdom, spirituality and faith;
5. Heightening your clarity of consciousness, so you can see all your life's options in much clearer perspective and then act on them. . .and
6. Moving you back toward your life's birthright potential of optimal health, increasing your happiness and healing power as you scientifically reset your body's odometer.

The Miracles of Islamic Fasting

Ramadan and Fasting Islamic Fasting Information
Allah says: "O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for people before you so that you will (learn how to) attain Taqwa" (Qur'an, al-Baqarah, 2:183)

70 Matters Related to Fasting Book by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

The power of Prayer and Fasting, books for a Christian perspective.

Russian Orthodox View on Fasting The meaning of fasting consists, In the first place, in abstinence (in theology it is called self-denial,) in forcing oneself to do not only what is pleasing to "my little soul," as the Russians would say. The meaning of fasting lies in controlling one's egoistic desires, In submission to something other than the continuous dictates of the self-loving ego. Why Is this necessary? Why is it good for us periodically to tame and humble ourselves? Because our nature Is a part of the world which is wallowing in sin In the words of John the Evangelist; man carries In himself the fruits of the original sin, and his voluntary renunciation of the ties to this natural world elevates him -above that world and frees him from It thus beginning the process of freeing him from the shackles which keep him in bondage to sin.

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